Project Description

2022 Most Popular Gashapon Machine|Tea Cup Gashapon Machine For Sale

Gashapon Machine Cabinet Material

  • Hardware and blister

Gashapon Machine Sticker Material

  • Light film stickers, frosted to the touch, sparkling under the sunshine.

Buy National Trends Tea Cup Gashapon Machine|Foctory Prize Machine For Sale

Gashapon Machine Support Customization

  • Top shape;
  • Sticker;
  • Light color;

Gashapon Machine Storage Aea

  • About 30pcs of 7-8 inch dolls

Gashapon Arcade Machine Product Description

  • Run light probability mode and LCD sales mode are optional;
  • The shape of the milk tea cup is more fashionable and popular among young people;
  • Support 45-120mm gashapon,capacity for around 110pcs of 100mm gashapon;
  • High-power turntable motor, forward and reverse without jamming;
  • 7 kinds of colors are optional, transparent and gorgeous;
  • Knob feel;
  • LOGO can be customized