Project Description

Chinese Fad Claw Machine-Wooden Cabinet Version|Buy Arcade Claw Machine

Cabinet Material

  • Multilayer plywood,advertising light box

Sticker Material

  • Light film stickers, frosted to the touch, sparkling under the sunshine.

National Trends Claw Machine-Wooden Cabinet Version

Support Customization

  • Top shape;
  • Sticker;
  • Light color;
  • Cabinet size;

Storage Aea

  • About 30pcs of 7-8 inch dolls

Product Description

  • Cool national tide appearance, luminous light box;
  •  Six-stage grip power, and the function of moving back the hole to fall objects, to make the game experience better;
  • The link function program increases the profit by 10-20% compared with the ordinary crane machine;
  • 3.0 program falling objects during moving/4.0 Program link to play function;