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Table Football Parameter

  • Complete product size: L1450*D1050*H820

  • Dimensions after removing the tripod: length 142 width 98 height 58cm

  • The size of the wooden frame: length 142 width 122 height 72cm total weight 135kg
    Quantity of containers: (disassemble the scorer and tripod, 4 sets a pallet)) 20-foot container = 32 40-foot container = 64 40-foot high container = 80

Table Football
Table Football
Table Football

Table Football Features:

  • The table is coin-operated: a few coins can be set to play a game for a few minutes.
    At present, the main board can be set: 1 coin for 1 game, 2 coins for a game, 3 coins for a game, 4 coins for a game.
    Game time can be set: 1 minute 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes 5 minutes 8 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes.

  • The table is automatic: after the coin is put in, the ball will be automatically released; use the skill to control the club, kick the ball into the opponent’s gantry, and score automatically and electronically; the GameOver voice prompt will appear ten seconds before the end of the game time; the venue can reward lottery tickets Redeem gifts.

  • Table material: wooden box main body: 21mm plywood + fireproof board + sticker; hardware tripod; tempered glass + aluminum alloy frame; motherboard with MP3 memory card, standby music can be changed to what guests need.