How To Select Your Shopping Mall Square Kiddie Rides?

1.What is the hottest Kiddie Ride in Playground or shopping mall square?

As the summer season coming, people are all will come out to play at night with their child. And the best choice for child is the park. Because there are many amusement equipment or game machine set up at there. So what kinds of the hottest amusement equipment and game machine it has?

Normally the amusement equipment and kiddie which suitable for the playground are all need to follow the below feature. Easy to install and assembly, easy to moving, easy for control and with colorful lighting. So what kind of the amusement kiddie ride are suitable to operate in the park? Please check some popular game machine as below:

Bumper Car

Bumper Car

Hotselling Bumper Car For Amusement Park

One of the bumper car are use with battery. It needs to recharge after use and it is work through the electric motor which belong to the small amusement equipment. The outside cabinet are the FRP material or high composite plastic. And shape are with the cartoon animals or vehicles, It can select to control by remote or by machine setting directly. It can be adjust the music, time. Because of the small size, bumper car are very suitable to operate in shopping mall square. There are high popularity and level ground.

Electronic Happy Car

Electronic Happy Car Kiddie Ride

Moonwalk 360 degree Happy Car Amusement Park Playground kiddie ride

Happy car is a high-tech entertainment equipment with a unique appearance. The seats are luxurious and comfortable, and easy to operate, suitable for players of all ages. In addition to swinging back and forth, the machine can also move forward and backward and rotate in place. The happy car is a new type of recreational vehicle manufactured based on ergonomic principles. Its shape is suitable for the comfort of the human body, making people feel relaxed when sitting in. The happy car can take 2 people at the same time, which is convenient for parents to take their children to play together.

Moving Robot

Moving Robot

Battle King Battery Charging Amusement Kids Rides walking robot

The moving robot is one of the amusement equipment which has a science fiction, domineering, realistic shape, brilliant lighting and unique riding style. Let the player feel that he is the transformers. It is a major breakthrough in the design of amusement products. Using the flight dual joystick operation, passengers can freely and easily control the direction of travel. They can go forward, backward, and rotate 360 degrees on the spot, which is very interesting. Sit on the robot, as if you have transformed into an invincible King Kong, experience happiness and excitement in the forward and backward turns, there are countless colorful lights flashing under the night, which is a good choice to attract tourists!

Generally speaking, here are the basically these three types of amusement equipment that are popular in the square, but if the square is relatively large, some mechanical amusement equipment can also be placed, such as steel price bungee jumping, rail trains, rotating small planes, etc.

2.Happy car is one of the popular amusement game machine in the market. And it also name balance car and couple happy car. And it is belong to the electric amusement game machine. Now there are many happy car for the choice. How to choice the best suitable one?

Stopwatch, angle measuring instrument, inclination measuring instrument, voltage circuit tester

First of all, we verify its safety from the structure of the Happy car. The Happy car is composed of a steel frame structure as a whole. If it is not a product produced by a professional manufacturer, when just copying the appearance, there will be many detailed problems in the structure, which are easy to find. The following picture shows the structure of the Happy car.

Happy Car kiddie ride Material Science

Secondly, we determine whether there will be a safety hazard from the inclination of the Happy car during operation. Safety has always been the primary performance of children’s amusement equipment. Because no one wants their children to be hurt by playing. The inclination angle as shown in the figure below is the standard, and only professional technology can make stable equipment.

Electronic Happy Car For Playground

Thirdly, since Happy car is an electric amusement equipment, the circuit also needs to be inspected. Use a stopwatch to calculate the running speed during the inspection, based on the standard safe speed. Then check the overriding and button flexibility.

360 Degree Rolling Electric Leswing Swing Car Happy Car

360 Degree Rolling Electric Leswing Swing Car Happy Car

Fourth, check the battery life of the happy car. Generally, the happy car can run for 6-8 hours without interruption on a single charge. It can ensure normal operation during the operation period. To check this item, you only need to calculate the time from start to end.

Happy Car


Fifth, check the reputation of the manufacturer in the industry. Their numbers of customers. It is best to go to the venue where they have purchased their happy car, so as to be able to choose the best happy car. This time the explanation ends here.