What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the pirate ship?

The pirate ship is a typical product of large-scale amusement facilities such as sightseeing buses. Because its appearance is famous for imitating the ancient pirate ship, but the shape is different and the name is different, some are called “swinging dragon boat”. Its main feature is that passengers partially reciprocate around the horizontal axis within a limited swing angle, passengers board the ship from the platform, sit on their seats and press the safety protection rod to the right position. The “pirate ship” slowly swings after the start of the drive system and gradually accelerates, from slow to rapid, as if passengers go out to sea in a storm, sometimes they rush to the top of the waves, sometimes they fall to the bottom of the waves, which is both interesting and exciting. Deeply loved by passengers. The schematic diagram of the structure is shown in the diagram 1-14

 pirate ship

1.ship body;2.seat,Safety pressure bar;3. Power component;4. Platform steps, railings;5. Main support frame: column, herringbone frame, crossbeam etc;6.Inspection ladder;7. Hanger: pull rod, connecting shaft etc.

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