Best Pirate Ships For Sale


Floor area: 17m×9m

Equipment height: 11m

Swing angle: ±60°

Capacity: 32 people

Working voltage: 380v

Equipment power: 25kw

Equipment grade: C grade

The design service life of the whole machine is 15 years

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

2023 Best Pirate Ships Made In China

Product Description

The 32-seat pirate ship is a sightseeing car type amusement facility. The classic equipment in the amusement park, passengers sit in the ship-shaped cockpit, driven by the friction wheel, the cockpit gradually swings, and becomes higher and higher. Due to the large turning radius, passengers can clearly feel the stimulation brought by the acceleration.


1. The maximum single-side swing angle is 60 degrees.

2. Unique cockpit shape.

3. Independent driving and independent braking, less friction loss.

4. Special motor for metallurgy, more stable drive and less heat generated by the motor.

5. 10-ply steel wire tires for forklifts are more durable.

6. The encoder monitors the cockpit angle in real time and feeds back the cockpit information in time.

Concept Of Design

The overall shape adopts the Indian-style canoe style, and the cockpit is painted with exotic-style totem paintings. The huge triangular sails on the cockpit are also two points of the design.

2023 Best Pirate Ships Made In China