Project Description

Outdoor Pirates of the Caribbean Amusement Ride For Sale


Input power: 3N+PE380V/220V 50Hz
Maximum power: 3kW
Maximum speed: 1.8m/s
Running time: 1-5 minutes adjustable
Rated passengers: 12 people
Floor area: 6m×3.5m
Swing radius: 2.85m
Equipment weight: about: 3T
Equipment height: 3.9m
Theoretical passenger flow: 144 people/hour
Equipment level: Inspection-free products

Classical Pirate Ship Ride



The 12-seat classical pirate ship amusement machine is a small and medium-sized amusement machine that uses the comprehensive effect of external force to make the hull swing back and forth. Passengers feel like riding on a pirate ship fighting between the stormy waves.Alternating weightlessness and overweight feeling, While bringing you thrills and excitement, it also brings a sense of relaxation and endless aftertaste. This amusement machine has the characteristics of safety and reliability, simple operation, convenient installation, and low noise.