Project Description

Allied Tank Attack Shooting Arcade Machine For Sale


  • The story of Allied Tank Attack is adapted the history of Wll. about the warfare in between of the Allied and the Axis forcIn this game, player will play the role of the Alied tedriving the tank from one battle field to anothehooting the enemies along the way.Player can destis or her own tank: there are 10 different function Tu’s and 6 different performance Tanks at your cal. Morecplayer can select from three playful game modes: Stode,Batle Mode and Survival Mode.

Allied Tank Attack Shooting Arcade Machine For Sale

Allied Tank Attack AIR

  • Dimensions:112(W) ‘230(D)X212(H)cm
  • Weight:458 kgs
  • Monitor:42″ LED per tank
  • Degree of Movement:ROLL:±13.5°/PITCH:±6.5°/HEAVE 10 cm per tank
  • AIR Series 3-axis interactive motion base plus motion seat
  • Motion Seat lift player up and down
  • Force Feedback Yoke Controller/ Steering Wheel
  • Fun Interactive Link-Ups
  • Eye-Catching Flashing LEDs