Drift Bumper Car For Sale|Indoor Amusement Park Rides Bumper Car


  • 360 degree drift, lateral drift, lateral drift;
  • Forward, reversing, horn, music sound effects can be replaced (2 1G memory cards); dual-boot function (swipe card to start: equipped with membership card, employee card, BOSS card, remote start: one remote control can control 12 machines, support start function , pause function, music switch function)
  • 48V, 500W brushless motor (solid motor)
  • High-strength FRP material + hardware
  • Car paint spray
  • Single battery 12V12ah*4 = 48V 48AH (battery time 300 minutes
  • Karting elements, exclusive drift rod design
  • Low speed: 10 Medium speed: 20 High speed: 30 The desired speed can be modified according to the actual requirements of the customer site

Detailed Images