Project Description

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Spinning Rides 

Product Introduction:

  • This equipment is a kind of gyro type amusement machine, which is used by people aged 7 to 60 to play. The movement of the product is characterized by a combination of circular rotation, hanging swing, and shaking; the glass fiber reinforced plastic cockpit has beautiful appearance, bright color, model image, lifelike, lifelike, and bright; when tourists ride and play, off-road vehicles (cabins) will be caught by dinosaurs. Starting, swinging left and right, shaking up and down, the entire dinosaur held the off-road vehicle while rotating in a circular motion. Accompanied by realistic sound effects and flashing colored lights, it gives passengers a sense of real excitement and allows passengers to enjoy unlimited joy; this device is suitable for playgrounds, parks, squares, cultural centers and other places.


Working Principle:

  • The rotary motion of this equipment is driven by a helical gear reducer, and is transmitted to the slewing support via a spur gear, so that the dinosaur rotates around the circumference of the slewing support; the ascending and descending, swinging and shaking motions of the equipment are driven by the hydraulic system cylinder.

Main Technical Performance And Parameters:

  • Working voltage: three-phase five-wire AC380V 50Hz
  • Total equipment power: 13kW, 380V±5%, three-phase
  • Lighting power: 0.5kW, 12V, LED lights
  • Timing setting range: 1~5min±10s, five gears adjustable
  • Rotation direction: clockwise, counterclockwise (forward and reverse)
  • Frequency conversion starting time: 1~5s
  • Equipment speed: 5.5 rpm, variable frequency adjustable
  • Area: Φ10m
  • Cockpit linear speed: less than or equal to 6.5km/h
  • Rated passengers: 8 adults
  • Rated load: 600kg
  • Equipment weight: about 3.8t

How to play

  • The tourist sits on the car biting by the dinosaur, and the equipment starts. At the beginning of the game, the cool lights slowly start with the dynamic soundtrack. At this time, the world will lift the house up and sway it left and right, and feel like going to the forest monster world. A round of time arrives. After that, the main board is stopped and the game is over.