Small Dinosaur Amusement Track Train Ride


Crew: 8 adults + 8 children

Power: 12kW

Voltage: 380V

Minimum turning radius: 4.5m

Running speed: 1.2m/s

Floor area: 60m×30m

Theoretical passenger capacity: 192PPH

Equipment level: Exempt from inspection

The design service life of the whole machine is 15 years

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

Best Quality Small Dinosaur Amusement Track Train Ride

Product Description

The small dinosaur equipment passengers straddle the seat and the equipment when they play, and the children can be fixed on the previous work by an adult, and the equipment starts from the platform and advances along the set track. In the process of moving forward, the equipment also has the movement of bumping up and down, as if riding on the back of a galloping horse. The track can be designed in a field of flowers, passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery around while experiencing the fun of the equipment.

Best Quality Small Dinosaur Amusement Track Train Ride


1. Mobile equipment, with its own enlarged steel structure foundation, no need for fixed foundation installation.

2. Ultra-long distance anti-collision detection to prevent vehicle collisions.

3. 24V drive power supply to ensure safe operation.

4. Each cockpit has a separate electronic control system to control the speed of different stages.

Concept of design

The shape is designed with reference to the little dinosaur of Piggy Peggy George.

 Best Quality Small Dinosaur Amusement Track Train Ride