High Quality Bowling Alley For Sale

Product Dimension

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China




Width 6.9m(4 lanes) Height 3.2m


220V Maximum Power 8000W(4 lanes) Standby Power 950W(4 lanes)


Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Ballreturn system

The brand new ball return system,which takes only 15s to return the ballhas the advantages of low failure rate.less noise and better adaptability. It is amore relatively impeccable bowling balreturn system on the market.

String pin system

The system can gain more fun frombowling through lower maintenance andenergy cost, which is light, compact andreliable with 100% untie rate.significantly superior than traditionapinsetters.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China


With controllable speed, retractingand setting pins only requires 10.3swhich can accurately control on pin’sliting and placing. lts error in drop pinsposition s8mm,has the advantage ofstable quality and low maintenance.

Circuit assembly

Newest model with LED and touch screen, which is easier to control and more concise. The use of modern technology makes the operation of pinsetters no longer complicated, easier to maintain and consist of diverse operating systems.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Game Interface

Applying the World Standard Bowling scoring system. The simple and bright game interface allowsoowlers to understand their lane status and scoring situation at a alance. In addition. the animationsof strike and spare also make it become more popular.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From ChinaBest Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Convenient and efficient master control system

Lane condition monitor

The brand-new master control system can maximum control 18 lanes at once, assisting themanager effectively and conveniently to instruct bowlers to enter and exit the lane. At the same time,it can help the manager to understand the condition of every lane clearly.

Managers can controland check the real-time status of eachlane every time. In Addition, the multiple consumption modesmake the use of thevenues more convenient.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Master control system

The master control svstem allows the staff to directly control the status of each lane, making it easieito mastery the condition of the entire lanes.

The newly addedfunctions such aschanging lanes,changing pointsadding, etc. allowmanagers to easildeal with variousproblemsencountered inuse.

Background Debugging

The background debugging interface includes all the components of the lanes. lt can detectevery function and check the internal state of the lanes in real time, which is convenient for thestaff to maintain and inspect each lane.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China


Brand new touch screen control system

The touch screen control system can control the lane on its own, making the adjustment of thegame more convenient. The new touch screen system is upgraded on the basis of the originalsystem, which makes the interface more concise and the operation more convenient At the sametime, it also adds the function of taking pictures of users, so that players have a more sense ofsubstitution during the game.

A variety of odes are optional. Players can take turns to game solo or PK with others in the same round.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

The unique camera function allows each player to customize hisor her own exclusive avatar and name.At the same time, they can clearly understand scoring situation during the competition.

Optional Items

Interactive projection lane

The fantastic visual effects and wonderful sound of the interactive projection system attract customers, present audiences and even passers-by to stop and watch interactively. It engages all customers and spectators through interactive screen and changeable sound, which can enhance the intrinsic appeal of entertainment and leisure. Bowling is a niche sport in China. It is very attractive to people who has a curiosity-seeking mentality. The combination of interactive projection and bowling is undoubtedly powerful, which makes the bowling alley full of players.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Video replay

Many times while we bowling, we don’t know whether our posture is correct or not, or we want to know why we didn’t hit a strike, then the video replay function is a very great way to help customers solve this problem. From the video replay, bowlers can examine the imperfections in their gameplay, hence accordingly adjust and improve their skills.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China


Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China


The social aspect of bowling is a perfectfit for the bar. As a popular project, bowlingcan improve the level of the bar, which willattract many young people to come andtake pictures to mark their arrival.


Jiangmen Rolling club6lanes
Music Bar
Game Center


The concept of sports district originatedfrom the United States. The whole areafocuses on ‘sports + tipsy mode, usessports as the theme, and provides fooddrinks, performances and other content.Bowling is a must-have item in the sportsdistrict, taking into account sports, social,eisure and other attributes.


Yuet Space 6 lanes
Leisure and entertainment
Amusement park

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Cinema &Hotel

Hotels and cinemas are service-orientedplaces. Adding sports equipment can helpthem improve customer’s experience.Compared with other sports, bowlingrequires relatively less movement, and isapplicable to a wider range of people.


Yichang International Trade 4 lanes
Sports bar
Leisure room
Movie room

Decoration Reference

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

What Is Bowling?

When mentioning bowling, people would say they realize that it is an indoor finess sport. However,there are still a bit of people who have only heard about it, and have not yet experienced thegameplay and rules of bowling. n fact, bowling can be regarded as an elegant recreational fitnesssport. It not only helps us exercise physically, but also allows us to train our willpower, which is truly aunique sport that kills two birds with one stone. Bowling is not affected by the weather and very easyto learn. In addition, it is friendly to everyone, and has become a fashion sport in modern society.


Bowling regardless of age, gender and thestrength of the body, everyone can participatein playing. While bowling, parents and childrencan spend quality time together, and it is agreat form of family bonding.

 Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

 Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China


According to research,1 04 muscles inour body get exercised during bowling
3 rounds of bowling = 20mins of cycling
3 rounds of bowling = 15mins of running
3 rounds of bowling = 20mins of playing tennis


Bowling is an excellent group activityThrough bowling, employees can improvetheir physical fitness, show their talents, andcreate a positive and optimistic atmospherewithin the team, further strengthening theirteamwork skills and solidarity.

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Best Bowling Alley Manufacturer From China

Are you looking to buy a bowling alley? Now is the best time! In this article, we will explore the exciting world of bowling alleys and discuss the ideal locations for setting up this popular entertainment center.

A bowling alley is a fantastic investment opportunity for those interested in the entertainment industry. It offers a fun and engaging activity for people of all ages, making it a perfect choice for families and friends to spend quality time together.

When searching for a bowling alley for sale, it’s essential to consider the number of lanes available. The more lanes you have, the more customers you can accommodate simultaneously, increasing your revenue potential. Look for bowling alleys with a sufficient number of lanes to meet the demand in your target market.

Additionally, the condition of the bowling alley lanes is crucial. Well-maintained lanes ensure a smooth and enjoyable bowling experience for your customers. Make sure to inspect the lanes thoroughly and consider any necessary repairs or upgrades when evaluating potential purchases.

Now, let’s discuss the ideal location for your bowling alley. A bowling alley requires a spacious area to accommodate the lanes, seating areas, and other amenities. Look for commercial spaces that offer ample square footage to create a comfortable and inviting environment for your customers.

Shopping malls, entertainment districts, and standalone buildings are excellent options for setting up a bowling alley. These locations attract a significant amount of foot traffic, providing you with a steady stream of potential customers. Furthermore, being part of a larger entertainment center or family entertainment complex can enhance the overall appeal of your bowling alley.

When considering a location, keep in mind the accessibility and parking facilities. Easy access to public transportation and ample parking spaces will encourage more people to visit your bowling alley, ensuring a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

In addition to the bowling lanes, you’ll need to invest in high-quality bowling alley equipment. This includes bowling balls, pins, scoring systems, and comfortable seating arrangements for your customers. Ensure that the equipment is in good working condition or factor in the cost of repairs or replacements when negotiating the purchase.

To make your bowling alley a complete entertainment destination, consider incorporating other attractions such as an arcade, billiards tables, or a snack bar. These additional features will attract a broader audience and provide more revenue streams for your business.

In conclusion, purchasing a bowling alley can be a lucrative venture in the entertainment industry. When searching for a bowling alley for sale, consider factors such as the number and condition of the lanes, the location, and the necessary equipment. By carefully selecting the right bowling alley and creating an enjoyable experience for your customers, you can establish a thriving business in the family entertainment center market.