The game type is close to nature,  playing method is simple and easy to understand. It’s easy for children to play the game;

The machine has bright colors, rich lighting, unique shape and fresh style

Circuit is stable and reliable. After years of practical application, the program is stable.

select a qualified lottery machine, which is adapt to the general type of lottery, if no need of the ticket function, transfer card swiping system;

Two machines can be combined to play at the same time.

The game setting and revenue ratio can be adjusted. Please refer to the dial code table (i.e. IO table posted inside the machine) and the (blue) dial code on the main board for adjustment.

bowling machine game


Voltage:AC 220V±10%    50Hz±3 Hz;AC 110V±10% 50Hz±3 Hz

Capacity:300 W(MIN) 350 W(MAX);

Size: L1650*660* H2100(mm),

Environmental conditions: +5℃~+40℃(indoor temperature) Humidity:≤90%;


Weight: 129kg

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

How to play

Insert coins or read IC CARDS, and the game starts.

Players take up the red ball, roll it into the hoop with suitalble strength to score.

After the game, players will get corresponding tickets according to their scores. The more points they score, the more rewards they will get. Big Bonus prize will be won if exceeding the highest score.

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