game type close to nature, play simple easy to understand, children are also very easy to use game;;

the machine colourful, light is rich, distinctive modelling, style is pure and fresh;

control circuit is stable and reliable, after many years of practical use, program stability;

selection of quality, to adapt to the common type of lottery tickets, if you don’t need a ticket, can transfer credit system;

machine can two stitching together the game at the same time.

arcade bowling games

Machine specifications

Dimensions(W*D*H): 1650*625*1920(mm)

Packing size(W*D*H): 1680*655*1950(mm)

Weight :121.4Kg

voltage :AC 110V/220V

GHz :60HZ

Power : 170W

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

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