Chocolate Claw Machine


  • Size:W850mm*D830mm*H1970mm
  • Volume:2m³
  • Weight: 165kg
  • Power:140W
  • Player:1
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall


Entertainment vending machines are divided into two types with cooling function and without cooling function which are suitable for candy , chocalate and gift vending machines. The chocolate gift claw machine can be installed with coin acceptor and bill acceptor.
How to play: Pay to start, catch the candy location and place it on the pushing board that is constantly pushing, and launch the drop-in gift to get candy rewards.

China Chocolate Claw Machine For Sale| Cheap Chocolate Factory Claw Machine

China Chocolate Claw Machine For Sale|Coin Operated Chocolate Factory Claw Machine