Project Description

16 Seats Flying Chair Amusement Equipment

Flying Chair Description

  •  Player:36
  • Area cover:20 square meters
  • Power:AC380V/33KW

Product Details:

  • FRP(fiberglass reinforced plastics) material. The mushroom top is made of FRP material, which is durable, safe and reliable and the color is not ease to fade.
  • LED lights. when turn on the nights, the whole flying chair is like a rainbow. If you look from a distance is like a spectacular umbrella.

flying chair

  • Stainless steel. The hanging chair is made of stainless steel. It is safe and exquisite.
  • Moving head flying chair is equipped integrates rotation, lifting, and head shaking.
  • High practicability, 36 people can play the flying chair at a time, and it is like flying in the blue sky when rotating.
  • The whole design flying chair is novel. The shape is fashionable, the color is rich and bright, easily to attract people’s eyes.


  • The swinging flying chair is a novel amusement equipment. It integrates rotation, lifting, and head shaking. When players sit down, the equipment will slowly rotate and gradually increase the rotation speed. When the speed reaches a certain level, the mushroom top of the flying chair will be swayed, and it looks like a spectacular opening umbrella from a distance.
  • Passengers was rotated up and down under the action of centrifugal force. The perfect combination of the three movements is like a ballet blooming, and like a swallow in the sky, spinning, dancing, one after another, and flying up and down.
  • When night falls, the head-shaking flying chair is like an opened umbrella. In the amusement park, it is easily to attract the attention of visitors at the first time.
  • The head-shaking flying chair is a kind of rotating amusement facility. It is mainly designed for children and teenagers. It requires a certain amount of courage. When it rotates, the column underneath rotates counterclockwise, and the big turntable above rotates clockwise, driving the flying chair to float and rotate. Visitors sitting on it will be exciting and can enjoy a lot of fun. The swinging flying chair is a large-scale flying tower amusement machine that integrates various forms of movement, such as rotation, lifting, and variable inclination.
  • When the flying chair is activated, when the umbrella-shaped turntable and the intermediate turntable rotate in the opposite direction, the tower body rises slowly. At this time, the turntable swings and the flying chair is rippling. Visitors seem to be flying and floating in the air. The sky is wide and thrilling.