Project Description


  • The Fire Fighting Hero amusement machine is a new product developed by our company with concentrated efforts. This product is a screen water-shooting interactive game based on the principle of the positive and negative rotation mechanism in the lifting process, the dynamic is smooth and stable. It is both stimulating and dynamic, as well as safe and comfortable. It is an entertainment pursued by the majority of young people. The whole machine is novel and beautiful in appearance, coupled with gorgeous and charming colorful lights decoration, to give passengers a feeling of real fire fighting, which is very attractive to tourists. It’s an excellent investment choice for single amusement facility in parks, amusement parks, youth palaces, etc.

Theme Park Self Control Plane

Scope of application

  • This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in public parks, amusement parks and other entertainment venues;
  • This product is suitable for areas below 2000M above sea level.
  • The operating temperature is -20℃~40℃, and the relative humidity of the environment is less than 90%;
  • Power supply: 3N-380V/220V50Hz, TN-S grounding system;
  • The power supply voltage fluctuation range cannot exceed +10% of the rated value.
  • This equipment cannot be installed under high-voltage lines;

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