Project Description

Fairground Amusement Park Small Ferris Wheel


  • Input power: 3N+PE380V/220V 50HzFactory Price Amusement Park Small Ferris Wheel For Sale
  • Maximum power: 3KW
  • Speed: 2 rpm
  • Running time: 1-5 minutes adjustable
  • Rated passengers: 10 people
  • Floor area: 5.5m×4m
  • Rotation diameter: 3.2m
  • Equipment weight: about 2T
  • Equipment height: 5m
  • Theoretical passenger flow: 120 people/hour
  • Equipment level: C-level provincial inspection product


Children’s Ferris wheel is a miniaturized ferris wheel amusement machine newly developed by our company. It has 5 cabins, each cabin can be accompanied by a child and an adult. The cockpit is suspended on a turntable with a diameter of 3 meters. Driven by a motor, the huge turntable rotates slowly in the air, and the cockpit revolves accordingly. Sitting in the cockpit, it looks like turning on a huge wheel for a while, and slowly unloading from a huge wheel for a while. It is both fun and far-reaching,and is very popular with customers and is especially suitable for children to play.

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