Project Description

Time Travel Ferris Wheel For Sale


  • Rated input voltage: three-phase AC380V, 50HZ
  • Motor power: 70KW
  • Equipment height: 10.4 meters
  • Operating height of 9.1 meters
  • Arm rotation speed: 9.6rpm
  • Tower rotation speed: 1.9rpm
  • Land size: 15mX12m (including fence)
  • Cockpit: 8 seats
  • Loading capacity: 32 peiople
  • Equipment net weight: 25500KG

China Ferris Wheel For Sale|2022 Best Amusement Park Rides For Sale


  • For the steel structure platform, the aisle of it has the same height and width as the turntable up and down passenger aisle.
  • The movable door of the platform is equipped with door stoppers, which can be fixed on both sides of the passenger aisle after opening to prevent passengers from falling when passing.

Power System Description:

  • A rotating motor is installed on the turntable, and the turntable is driven to rotate around the Z axis of the human body through a pinion gear on the slewing bearing.The power of the rotating motor is 7.5kW.
  • A drive motor is installed on the pulley, and a friction wheel is installed on the motor.The friction wheel is compacted on the drive friction rail, and the motor reciprocates along the track through the friction wheel on the friction rail drive equipment.The power of the drive motor is 37kW.

China Ferris Wheel For Sale|2022 Best Amusement Park Rides For Sale

What are the characteristics of the structure and movement of the Ferris wheel?

  • The Ferris wheel is a typical observation car in large amusement facilities. Its main feature is that the passenger part rotates 360° around the horizontal axis. The passenger car is hung on the edge of the turntable.
  • The turntable is supported by a column at high altitude and slowly rotates around the main shaft. The car on the edge of the turntable rotates slowly. Passengers get on and off the platform very conveniently and safely.
  • The passenger car returned to the platform after rising to a high-altitude circle. It provides passengers with a unique space experience that circulates from the ground to the high altitude. This machine is suitable for all ages and is an iconic amusement project in amusement parks.