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 Fun Carousel Kiddie Ride For Sale|3 players Mini Carousel Ride For Sale

2022 Best Fun Carousel Kiddie Ride For Sale|3 players Mini Carousel Ride For Sale


●Customizable AC110,50Hz
●Bright glass fiber reinforced plastic, plastic lampshade, colorful LED lights
●Big brand inverter, motor, gear box, simple structure, stable and low noise
●Coin-operated management, three horses, to meet the needs of different passengers
●Game description: After sitting up, put the coin, the prompt sound will sound, then the machine will start to rotate slowly, the horse will start to shake, along with the music, the prompt sound will sound after a certain time, and the machine will slowly stop and stop.

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What Is Merry Go Round?

  • The earliest country in the world where a carousel appeared was the Byzantine Empire. The carousel at that time was powered by a steam engine, which was driven by steam to rotate. Carousel is a kind of amusement game machine. There are seats decorated as a wooden horse and moving up and down on a large rotating platform.People can ride on it. The first steam carousel appeared in Europe in the 80s around 1860. At that time, the carousel amusement equipment was mostly enjoyed by the nobles. It became an exclusive amusement project for the nobles. It was not promoted throughout Europe until the end of the last century. Later, the electric carousel, which was successfully developed in the research, was called electric horses. The emergence of electric carousels is a milestone in the history of carousel development. After several years , the carousel has been spread all over the world and has also been loved and recognized by the people of the world. The carousel has been developed for many years. It has become an immortal work of amusement products.And now there are various carousels in various playgrounds, shopping malls and other places.
  • The carousel has gorgeous decorations and glitters with brilliant lights. For children, a paradise playground is always so charming. They are happy to jump on their horses and follow the lights and music. The rotation of the disc, the ups and downs, the whirling and dancing, and the wind blowing from the ears made them scream happy and experience the feeling of running.
  • The word carousel in English came from the Spanish Carosella. Its original meaning is combat training. In fact, the Crusaders mainly used it to describe a kind of horse riding training carried out by the Turks and Arab knights in preparation for the war of the twelfth century.
  • The medieval knights were fully armed and sat on a manual circular wooden horse ring. Accompanied by bumps and undulations, they used a circle of drills to block, charge and assassinate. In this way, throughout the five dark centuries, the carousel trained several generations of knights. They fight for glory and love.
  • Until the 17th century, someone in Europe used this training method as a children’s game. This also explains why the early carousel is exactly the same as the medieval knight’s mount in appearance and design. After the arrival of the steam age in the 18th century, the knights gradually withdrew from the stage of history. But the carousel amusement facility continued to grow and develop under the impetus of the steam engine and became the iconic facility of the theme park.
  • Some people say that the carousel is a love game to witness two people who love each other. As long as two people who truly love each other sit on the carousel at the same time, the wooden horse will carry them to a perfect paradise. And their love will last forever. There are also people who say that love should be mutual. It is the courage of two walking hand in hand through a lifetime. Don’t be afraid of hardship. I personally don’t like carou