Coin operated Godzilla Pinball Machine


  • Boxed:H:56″*W:31″;D:31″*280LBS
  • Unboxed:H:75.5″*W:27″;D:55″*250LBS

Coin operated Godzilla Pinball Machine

Godzilla Pinball Mainattractions

  • In this monster-packed pnba adventure,players hecome lts up to 6odziland Godzilal
  • his aliest rid the earth of the Xlienivasion y destroying ctes, hbating Kaijus, and conquering Mechagodzilato become King of the Monsters!
  • Al models include an industry frst”Magna brab”Godzila magneticnewion ball ,Capable of catching pnall from ive difrent shot paths incuding stright from the punge This magnetic newton ball can also divert pinballsto set up shots from the upperleft flippr
  • Al models include the original theme song from the 1954 movie “Godzlla”
  • lconictitle song “Godzlla” by Blue Oyster ut instantly transports players into the Godzila universe

Game Features

  • Static skyscraper;buiting with;intersecting;ramps and virual ball lock
  • Chrome return helix wireform ramp return fom left subway halfpipe ramp
  • Staic bridge ramp diverts pinballs back to the flipper
  • Industry fist”Magna Grab”Gozila magnetic newton ball capable of catching pinbals from five diferent shot paths and setting up shots to upper left flipper

Game Features Continued

  • Inlane chaselightscreate strohing lght show effet towards ftipers
  • 3 spinig targes (HeatRay. Mechagodzila and Monster Rampage)
  • 6 Main Mutibals Godzia. Mechagozila Brige Atack. Tank Atack; Saucer Atack Wave Multibal and 6dzll vs.
  • Megalon & Gigan Battle ranging from 2 to6 balls
  • King of the Monsters!Wizard Mode
  • Immersive vide and audio from 10*Toho Showa EraGodzilla films
  • Features Godzillatacking Tokyo full color translite and iconic side cabinet hand-drawn comic artwork by Zombie Yeti
  • UFO pop bumper

General Features

  • 6pinhballs
  • Stereo sound system with 3-channelamplier
  • band Graphic Equalizer with separate control for backhox and cabinet speakers CPU mounted line-out audio connectorfor external amplification
  • Fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs