Project Description

The Simpsons Arcade Game Machine


Screen:42inch LG
Material:18MM MDF+ 15mm MDF for control panel,Acrylic screen window, Singal coin acceptor metal door panel
Games:3188 in 1 Pandora 9D

1. Material: 18mm MDF, strong and durable.
2. Appearance sticker: outdoor matte sticker, sun-proof and moisture-proof, not easy to decolor.
3. Display: high-definition LCD screen, 100-240V wide voltage, clear display, not easily affected by voltage fluctuations.
4. Electricity safety: filter insurance has a good protection effect on equipment, easy to replace the power fuse, and safety protection measures for electricity use in production and assembly.
5. Sound: Waterproof speaker, good sound quality, not easily affected by humid weather; independent power amplifier adjustment equipment to ensure better sound quality.
6. Operation: The arcade machine is equipped with operating levers and buttons, which has a good operating experience and it is durable.
7. Program: Pandora 9D is installed by default in the double position, 3188 game contents, basically covering all the game contents that players like. At the same time, this game board supports the installation of 3P simultaneous play and 4P simultaneous play game content, which is more interesting.
8. Application:: free games (leisure entertainment, family gatherings, clubs), additional coin accepters (game center, game room), coin accepters, custom models can install bill accepter (point-to-place), widely use in different places.

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