Ice Man Arcade Water Shooting Game Machine


Type: Water Shooting Arcade Machine
Color: Blue
Size: W880*D1250*H18000 MM
Voltage: 110V/220V
Player: 2 Player
Language: Enghish
Weight: 350 KG
Power: 250 W
Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How To Play

1. Token input

2. Shoot the game scene you want to play with a water column

3. Start shooting at the oncoming enemy and score points

4. the midfield BOSS, the water column becomes more, the spray comes out, and experience the pleasure of shooting water in fairyland.

5. Defeat the big boss, continue to fight the enemy, and finally the intermediate boss goes out.

6. After defeating the last three big bosses, enter the final scoring book, issue lottery tickets or twist eggs


32 inch LCD, 10 completely different game environments,

Use big water pump and fog to create a fairyland like game environment for children.

Suitable for people over 3 years old, parents and children participate together

Ice Man Arcade Water Shooting Game Machine For Sale|2022 China Best Kids Arcade Machine