360 degree Happy Moonwalk Car Amusement Park Playground kiddie ride

Happy Car Amusement Description

  • Configuration: 2 80A Chaowei batteries, 1 180W brushless motor, battery life 6-8 hours, speed: 6-10KM/H Weight: 2 passengers, maximum load 220KG.
  • How to play: Start the machine by coin, swipe card or remote control, the joystick controls the direction of the machine, flexible operation, fast speed, large swing range, and sensitive driving.
  • Safety: Handrails, seat belts, crash barriers.
  • Features: All-round blister package, luxury version design, adjustable gradient marquee lighting, remote control audio to switch songs freely.
  • Packaging Details: Bubble film inside and stretch film, wooden case is optional, strong enough for oversea transportation.
  • Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong

360 Degree Rotation Happy Moonwalk Car Specification

Moonwalk Car Appearance That Figure

1. Direction Joystick 2. Controlling panel lock 3. Battery box
4. Column 1 Value 2 5. LCD screen 6. Swiping-card panel
7. Chair 8. Left round plastic 9. Right round plastic
10. Light acrylic at middle centre of the left wheel 11. Light acrylic at middle centre of the right wheel 12. Top ceiling
13. Top light acrylic stick 14. Column 2 Value 5 15. The right semicircle plastic
Moonwalk car

Moonwalk 360 Car Kiddie Ride Color Display

Amusement Park Happy Car Color Display YUTO GAMES


Age Range 4+ years old working voltage DC24V
Speed High:60m/min



Power Charging battery
Product Size

Packing Size



Charging Time 12-10 (H)
Net Weight

Gross weight



Working Time 7-8(H)
Power 300W Charger specifications DC24V/7A

Operation Instructions

Open the panel lock,toggle the power switch and turn on the power supply.

Moonwalk 360 Happy Car Operation Instructions

1. Play mod

Under standby model,luxury happy car is non- movable.After swiping card,WeChat payment or remote controlling it starts work.If the machine is not started for a moment, it will enter demo mode(“moment”time can be set up at interface panel )

Once swiping card,WeChat payment or remote controlling,it will enter playing model. First, there is a reference sound: have a good time)Then music begins.LCD screen display the remaining time of game.