Project Description

360 degree Happy Moonwalk Car Amusement Park Playground kiddie ride

Supply Ability

300 Set/Sets per Month

Electric Moonwalk Car Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Bubble film inside and stretch film, wooden case is optional, strong enough for oversea transportation.

Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong

Lead Time :

Quantity(Sets) 1 – 1 >1
Est. Time(days) 7 To be negotiated

360 Degree Rotation Happy Moonwalk Car Specification

Moonwalk Car Appearance That Figure

1. Direction Joystick 2. Controlling panel lock 3. Battery box
4. Column 1 Value 2 5. LCD screen 6. Swiping-card panel
7. Chair 8. Left round plastic 9. Right round plastic
10. Light acrylic at middle centre of the left wheel 11. Light acrylic at middle centre of the right wheel 12. Top ceiling
13. Top light acrylic stick 14. Column 2 Value 5 15. The right semicircle plastic
Moonwalk car

Moonwalk 360 Car Kiddie Ride Color Display

Amusement Park Happy Car Color Display YUTO GAMES


Age Range 4+ years old working voltage DC24V
Speed High:60m/min



Power Charging battery
Product Size

Packing Size



Charging Time 12-10 (H)
Net Weight

Gross weight



Working Time 7-8(H)
Power 300W Charger specifications DC24V/7A

Operation Instructions

Open the panel lock,toggle the power switch and turn on the power supply.

Moonwalk 360 Happy Car Operation Instructions

1. Play mod

Under standby model,luxury happy car is non- movable.After swiping card,WeChat payment or remote controlling it starts work.If the machine is not started for a moment, it will enter demo mode(“moment”time can be set up at interface panel )

Once swiping card,WeChat payment or remote controlling,it will enter playing model. First, there is a reference sound: have a good time)Then music begins.LCD screen display the remaining time of game.

2. Radar function

The machine can not move on until the obstacles are removed. While there is obstacles at backside of machine, the machine will stop moving backwards.

3. Standby Instruction

After turning on power switch of the machine,it is in the standby MODE.All lights are on (It can be controlled and switched by pressing No.15 on the remote controller),meanwhile, music is playing automatically.(by operating “Play”or”stop”button on button-pressing board to control Sing/Pause switching, volume controlled by volume+/volume -).

Operation Instructions

LCD screen displays the current interface

Play time /  Surplus coins  / power state / volume

YUTO Moonwalk 360 Car Operation Instructions 01

Moonwalk Car Keyboard function

PLAY: Press the Play button can play music,Press one more time to stop the music, previous song press PREV, next songs please press NEXT, Press Volume+, Volume-can adjust the volume

Speed adjustment : You can select Slow/Mid/High Speed

MENU : Press once for speaker function

YUTO Moonwalk 360 Car Keyboard function 01

Setting mode

In standby mode, pressing Next button open the switch means entering into the background setting mode,VOL -is selection button Can select the need hecydably,Pressing NEXT can enter into function selection.After finishing all settings,please press PREV button for confirmation.

Turning off the power to save all information

In standby mode, pressing Next button open the switch means entering into the background setting mode,VOL -is selection button Can select the need hecydably,Pressing NEXT can enter into function selection.After finishing all settings,please press PREV button for confirmation.Turning off the power to save all information

General Settings

Under General setting mode can setup 1.Coin value.2.Time.3.Checking account 4.printing code.5.Demonstration.6.Matching Card

How to charge the battery

① Currency

Use this function whe instal the coin box,press the + or – key to adjust coins numbers for each game,number from 0-95 coins

YUTO Amusement Park Happy Car Currnecy 01

② Play time setting

On background setting press +,- to move the cursor,choose the game time setting,press Next Button to confirm and the enter into the numerical interface,at this tine gou can adjust 0-99 mins ,press Next Button for confirmation and the turn off the power to exit the setting

③ Checking account

Accounting function can review the total coins,playing times by swiping card and playing times by remote control

YUTO Moonwalk 360 Car Checking Account 01

④ Printing code

(This function need to be customized,the factory default setting is non-printing code.)

Can check machine No.1 Total time/Times/Check Code

YUTO Moonwalk 360 Car Printing code 01

⑤ Presentation time

Set automatic show time in demo mode(Show time can adjust from 0-95 mins)

YUTO Moonwalk 360 Car Presentation time 01

⑥ Match card

Can review how many cards have been created on the machine

YUTO Happy Car Machine Match card

moonwalk car Usage

Battery power state display

When the display panel indicates 100%,it means full battery power, when the display panel shows “low battery, please charge” pleaase charge it in time, otherwise the battery will power loss, or damage caused by the battery charge and can not recharge.

How to charge the battery

Please Plug the charger circular plug into the left round port on the back of machine and tighten,as picture shows:Notes:Please make sure plug the charge port first,and then connect another side with 220V power supply,When the charge power light indicate red light means normal charging.If the indicator shows Green color,means fully charged or no charging

How to replace the battery

For moonwalk 360 car .If battery need to be changed , please choose the storage battery which is in suitable capacity and the same specification .First step, close the power, then open the battery box which under the chair with machine-equipped key . As following picture, please take out the red dot line and blue dot line which is connected to the battery.

The red line means positive pole, the blue one means negative pole, then take out the battery. Please install the batteries following picture 2, Make sure the red line connect to the red dot on battery, the black line connect to the blue dot on battery.pls use a red line to connect the two batteries.

One side of the red line, pls connect to blue dot on battery, the other side of the red line, pls connect to red dot on the other battery. When battery replacing is finished, please check the connecting line is correct or not. If all is ok, then lock the battery box.


best battery usage temperature is 25-38 degree.lower temperature will cause lower power usage efficiency, when the temperature lower down 1 degree, the power efficiency will be lowered down 1%.

Dip switch remote control instructions

Press No.1 means control No.1 machine,press No.2 means control No.2machine,the rest can be done in the same manner The following is the main board DIP switch remote control of the machine numbering instructions.

Dip-switch-remote-control-instructions.jpg June 26, 2021 6 KB 165 by 217 pixels Edit Image


指拨开关/Dip switch
1 2 3 4