Nv10 Ict Bill Acceptor For Vending Machine


Four-way bill insertion

High acceptance rate

Multiple bezel selections

Stacker capacity: 200 or 500 bills available

High security by protective mechanism

Ict Bill Acceptor Ict Bill Acceptor

Factory Prize Nv10 Ict Bill Acceptor For Sale|2022 Best Vending Machine Bill Acceptor Made In China

how does a bill acceptor read money

The bill acceptor is composed of the main control part, sensor, drive light assembly, A/D converter, external storage, motor, mode selection, power supply board, etc. The signals received by the sensors of the normal banknotes are statistically sampled, identified, and stored as the basis for detection.

When recognizing banknotes, compare and judge the signal parameters received at the interface of each channel with the originally registered signal parameters. If there is an obvious difference, the alarm signal will be sent immediately and the motor will be stopped, and the corresponding signal prompt will be sent at the same time.how does a bill acceptor read money.

Each denomination banknote has different anti-counterfeiting, such as magnetism, fluorescence, and infrared reflection. The vending machine itself has pre-stored banknote standard software data of various denominations, and only uses the data stored in the machine to compare the data of the received banknotes when identifying.

Specifically, a banknote recognizer is installed on the machine to recognize banknotes through various methods such as fluorescence detection, magnetic detection, infrared penetration detection, laser detection, and anti-sandwich detection. Through a variety of methods to identify, the accuracy is generally relatively high.