Project Description

Amusement Family Ride Rotating Coffee Cup/Tea Cup for Sale


Input power: 3N+PE380V/220V 50Hz
Maximum power: 22.5kW
Speed: 9.2 rpm
Running time: 1-5 minutes adjustable
Rated passengers: 36 people
Floor area: φ13.6m
Equipment weight: 10T
Equipment height: 9.5m
Theoretical passenger flow: 528 people/hour
Equipment level: Inspection-free products

Rotating Tea Cup Amusement Ride


It adopts novel rotating cup shape, which is safe, reliable and comfortable to ride. You can rotate with the rhythm of the device, also you can hold your own direction. Along with the revolution of the big plate, the rotor also rotates reversely around the centerline of the small plate. With the speed of the music, the speed of the turntable is also fast and slow, warm and romantic, especially suitable for tourists of different ages or families.