Spin Tea Cup Rides For Sale


Capacity: 24 people

Rotation speed: ≤1.9m/s

Equipment height: 2.8m

Rated power: 6kW

Power supply: 380V

Rotation diameter: Φ6m

Covered area: 9.2m×8m

Theoretical passenger capacity: 288PPH

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

2023 Best Tea Cup Rides Made In China

Product Description

Spin Tea Cup Rides belongs to the rotating cup type of amusement equipment. The equipment passes through the large plate to drive the 6 cockpits on the large plate to rotate and perform rotary motion. Passengers sit in the cockpit, and through the central armrest in the cockpit, they can make the cockpit they are riding in autobiographical movement, and the rotation direction can be the same as that of the big plate, or it can be opposite to the big plate. The two directions of rotation bring passengers a completely different sense of experience.

2023 Best Tea Cup Rides Made In China


1. Mobile equipment, with its own enlarged steel structure foundation, no need for fixed foundation installation.

2. Double motor drive.

3. Steel platform, paint spraying.

2023 Best Tea Cup Rides Made In China