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D260cm*W200cm*H250cm 1000W 250KG 2P

Independently developed real-ball game.

Host configuration: gigabyte brand main board / gigabyte brand GPU / solid-state drive.

Independently developed high quality real-ball shooting A30 gun.

Eluan brand compressor.

Machine structure: metal structure.

Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

How To Play

1. After inserting coins, press the start button to start the game;

2. Use the prop gun to aim at the illuminated target, and pull the trigger to knock down the illuminated target;

3. When all the lighted targets are knocked down, enter the second level;

4. Knock down random lighted targets, when the time is 0, the game is over;

5. After the game is over, players can get lottery tickets;

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