863 Games In 1 Digital Pinball Machine

Virtual Pinball Machines Monitor Requirement

  • Playfield monitor:1920*1080(optimum resolution),connect to DVI of graphics card;

  • Backglass monitor:1366*768 (optimum resolution),connectto VGI of graphics card;

  • DMD monitor:640*480 (Minimum resolution),connectto VGI of main board.

Arcade Virtual Pinball Machines Buttons Layout

Virtual Pinball Machines
  • 1.LeftFlipper

  • 2.LeftMagnaSave

  • 3.Left(gameexploring),LeftTilt(gameplaying)

  • 4.Right(gameexploring),FwdTilt(gameplaying)

  • 5.PageLeft(gameexploring),RightTilt (gameplaying)

  • 6.PageRight(gameexploring),MechTilt(gameplaying)

  • 7.Freeplay

  • 8.Startgame

  • 9.Plunger

Virtual Pinball Machines Digital Pinball Machine