Project Description

The Walking Dead Video Game Machine

Product Name :  Shooting Games Machine
Size : 1380(W)*2175(D)*2560(H)
Weight : 510KG
Power : 480W
Temperature Range : 5~40 °C
Suitable for : Coffee shops/Club/Bar /Leisure center/Hotel/Home/Party or entertainment center for others

                                              How to play                                            

1. After enough coins are put in, press the start button on the control panel to enter the game menu.
2. The player can swing the crossbow to have the cursor stop on the selected menu and then pull the trigger on crossbows to get into the selected menu.
3. After the menu is entered, pull the trigger on the crossbow to launch arrows, wrenches, hammers, knives and other weapons. As long as the zombie’s head is aimed and shot continuously, the zombies can be killed. After the arms are used up, the arms can be replenished by pulling the handle on the crossbow.
4.The petrol tanks and nurse boxes will irregularly appear in the process of the game. When the petrol tank is hit, the power will be very strong. Many zombies will be killed and the fighting can be ended very soon. When the nurse box is hit, its vitality can be strengthened. When the companion is rescued successfully, its vitality can also be
 strengthened, but the zombies must be killed within the fixed time.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Bubble film inside and stretch film, wooden case is optional, strong enough for oversea transportation.
Port: Guangzhou/Shenzhen/Hongkong

Detailed Images

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