Project Description

Time Crisis 4 Video Arcade Shooting Game Machine

Quick Details

Product name Time Crisis 4 Series Coin Operated Video Arcade Game Machine Electronic Shooting Gaming Machine
MOQ 1 set
Voltage 220V
Power 600W
Weight 330KG
Warranty 12 months Warranty and life time technology support
Size  L2304*W1927*H2309 MM
Place of origin Guangzhou, China
Player 1 player
How to play

1. One or two player to play, play with friends, more fun;
2. Insert coin to start game;
3. Use gun or machine gun to shoot down monsters;
4. This game has 6 stages, once you past all stages, you are the winner!

Time Caisis 4 Game Machine is a large-scale simulation game machine, a coin-operated stealth game machine. There are pedals in the body. The pedals are used to evade and shoot, and the game process is compact through tight time constraints. . The biggest feature of the Crisis Resolve series is the addition of “hidden” elements. There are pedals in the body, which can realize evasion and shooting by stepping on the pedals, and the tight time limit makes the game process compact. This game method not only makes the light gun shooting game possess a certain degree of strategy, but also changes the monotonous situation of the light gun game in the past, and is more in line with the situation of real gun battles. Many new concepts have been added to the series in the development process, but the hidden core system has not changed.

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