Project Description

Time Crisis 4 Arcade Machine For Sale|Time Crisis Arcade Machine


  • Size:W1860mmxD2410mmxH2340mm
  • Volume:4m³
  • Weight:370kg
  • Power:400w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:42‘


Time Caisis 4 Game Machine is a large-scale simulation game machine, a coin-operated stealth game machine. There are pedals in the body. The pedals are used to evade and shoot, and the game process is compact through tight time constraints. .

The biggest feature of the Crisis Resolve series is the addition of “hidden” elements. There are pedals in the body, which can realize evasion and shooting by stepping on the pedals, and the tight time limit makes the game process compact.

This game method not only makes the light gun shooting game possess a certain degree of strategy, but also changes the monotonous situation of the light gun game in the past, and is more in line with the situation of real gun battles. Many new concepts have been added to the series in the development process, but the hidden core system has not changed.

Time Crisis 4 Video Arcade Shooting Game Machine

Pre-Service Check

  • Check the following items before commencing operation. If any problem is found,rectify the problem before continuing

Safety Check (before power on)

  • Is any part of the Mains Cable or plug excessively warm.
  • All warning labels are attached and legible.
  • All level adjusters are adjusted properly and the machine is stable.
  • The Play Zone area is established as specified.
  • Power cable and Communication cable are routed safely and not liable to cause a person to trip over them.
  • Guns are secure and free of any damage.
  • The Joint Assy is installed securely to both the Monitor Cabinet and the Control Assy.
  • Pedal Assemblies are secure. (There must be no space between the Pedal Assy ,and the floor.)
  • Speaker box is installed securely to the Monitor Cabinet.
  • Header Assy is installed securely to the Speaker box

Operation Check (after power On)

Turn the power to the machine ON and check the following items.

  • Does touching the machine give electric shocks.
  • ls there a smell of burning, abnormal noise or vibration.
  • ls there any other sign of abnormality or malfunction.

Note:If any of the above occur, immediately turn the power to the machine OFF and disconnect from the power supply until the problem has been rectified.

  • Check that sound is produced from each speaker.
  • Check that the fluorescent lamp in the Header Assy is illuminated.
  • Check that the SIDELED PC boards are illuminating. (two LEDs for the Gun Tower (L) and (R) and two LEDs for the Speakerbox Assys)
  • Check that the images displayed on the Monitors are correct. To check the following items press the Service button and play the game.
  • Check that both Guns are operating correctly.
  • Check that both Pedal Assys are operating correctly.
  • Check that two players can play in linked mode.

Do not install the machine where spot lamps,direct sunlight or other bright or flashing lights can reflect on the monitor screens as such lights may prevent the gun sensors detecting properly.

How to Play

  • lf a plaver becomes unwell due to game images or stimulation by lights, have the person stop playing the game immediately and let him/her rest.In rare cases, stimulation by lights or video images can cause a convulsion or loss of consciousness. If this happens, advise the person to see a doctor for medical examination as soon as possible. When pre-school children play, request that their parents or guardians observe the children.


  • Pressing the pedal: Attack mode: The player can shoot the gun,and can be also shot by enemies.
  • Releasing the pedal: Hide mode: The player hides behind an item.Enemies’shots
  • cannot reach the player.Releasing the pedal also reloads the hand-gun with ordinary ammunition.

Game Mode

  • Linked play mode :The mode allows two players to cooperate in a game play. In this mode, a player can join in while a game play is in process.
  • Solo play mode:This mode is played by a single player. In this mode, a player cannot join in while a game play is in process.

The player can select the game mode on the Mode Select screen immediately after coin insertion.

Game rules

  • The player loses one “life” when shot by an enemy.When the time limit reaches zero, the player also loses one “life.”The time limit extends when the player destroys all enemies in front of the player, or receives attacks from enemies.The game ends when the player has no “life.”
  • The player’s performance level is indicated by the score. The higher the score,the better the player’s performance.
  • The four weapons can be selected by releasing the pedal and pressing the trigger.Weapons have limited ammunition except for the hand-gun,and when the ammunition runs out, the player cannot use this weapon. When the specified enemy is shot, the ammunition reloading item will appear.The demonstration scene inserted between game segments can be skipped by shooting the gun toward the screen.

Event play

The player plays the game following specific event battle rules. The rules are explained in the game screen for each event. They are roughly categorized into two types of rules.

  • Multi screen battle event The player searches and attacks the enemy while changing the screen.When the muzzle on the screen is pointed toward the desired arrow icon on the screen, the screen will change to the desired screen. In this event, the barricade durability is indicated instead of the player’s life. If the barricade durability is reduced to zero, this event will end and the player’s life decreases by one.
  • Special weapon playing event The following two weapons can be used.When a player selects either of the two weapons, he/she cannot replace it with another weapon in the same event.

A.Special machine gun:Limitless bullets. The machine gun shoots continuously, while the trigger is pressed.

B.Sniper rile:When the pedal is pressed, the screen zooms toward the target. When the pedal is released, the ammunition will be reloaded.

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