8 Small Rocking Tug Sliding Amusement Rides


Capacity: 8 people

Equipment height: 3.5m

Running speed: ≤1.95m/s

Operating height: ≤1.95m

Rated power: 6kW

Rotation diameter: Φ3m

Power supply: 380V

Covered area: 14m×8.5m

Theoretical passenger capacity: 96PPH

Equipment level: Exempt from inspection

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

2023 Best Sliding Amusement Rides Made In China

Product Description

Small Rocking Tug equipment belongs to the category of scooter amusement equipment. When the equipment is working, the arc track is used to guide the moving assembly composed of the bottom block and the hull to perform reciprocating swinging motion along the track. The form of the swinging motion is similar to that of a pirate ship. When the moving component performs reciprocating swinging motion, the motor on the bottom block drives the hull to rotate relative to the bottom block around the axis of the rotary roller.


1. Mobile equipment, with its own enlarged steel structure foundation, no need for fixed foundation installation.

2. The drive form is central fixed drive, which makes the drive more stable.

3. Double-row slide contact, more reliable power control

Concept Of Design

The two eels are entangled with each other, their bodies become part of the cockpit of the hull, and the two eels look at each other at both ends of the hull. The image of the eel is abstracted, and the big eyes make people feel more cute.

2023 Best Sliding Amusement Rides Made In China