How To Set up Your Arcade Basketball Games During Operation?

Arcade Basketball Games Parameter Setting

  • We can setting the parameters by change the buttons(set, +, -, enter, exit) on the main board, the basic operation will be as follows:

Arcade Basketball Games Setting Button

  • Press the “SET” button to go into the setting menu.
  • Press the “SET” button AGAGIN to go into the NEXT setting item. You can check it with the digital tube display.

Arcade Basketball Games Digital Tube Display

  • The first one is the current settings.
  • The second, third and fourth one is parameters of the current settings.
  • Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Arcade Basketball Games Setting Menu

Setting Item

Functions Parameter Range Instructions
1 coins 1-10 coins/game

You can set how many coins per game.


Retaining Plate 1-2 1: single retaining plate

2: double retaining plates


Clearance award 0-3 0: nothing

1: can be set into designated tickets

2: can be set into one score how many tickets

3: can be set into one ticket how many scores

4 Prizes quantity 0-99

According to the corresponding of “Clearance award”


Number of game machines 1~32 The most is 32 pieces. The number will be from 1 to 32.
6 Group number 1~5

V.S. Group number


The number of levels 2-9 You can set how many levels of your game
8 Time of first level 2-40



Time of second level 2-40 5s
10 Time of third level 2-40



Time of fourth level 2-40 5s
12 Time of fifth level 2-40



Time of sixth level 2-40 5s
14 Time of seventh level 2-40



Time of eighth level 2-40 5s
16 Time of ninth level 2-40



Scores of passing first level 2-99 10 scores
18 Scores of passing second level 2-99
Unit 10 points

10 scores


Scores of passing third level 2-99 10 scores
20 Scores of passing fourth level 2-99

10 scores


Scores of passing fifth level 2-99 10 scores
22 Scores of passing sixth level 2-99

10 scores


Scores of passing seventh level 2-99 10 scores
24 Scores of passing eighth level 2-99

10 scores


Scores of passing ninth level 2-99

10 scores


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Arcade Basketball Games Function of Interface

NO. Interface Functions
1 P2 The power interface is 24V, the maximum is 36V, the minimum is 12V.

According to the voltage of basket and the retaining plate motor.

2 P10 12V power interface
3 P4 Interface of main digital tube display
4 P8 Interface of stopwatch.

MB1 for the total counting number of coins.

MB2 for the total counting number of tickets

5 P5 Interface of the ticket dispenser
6 P7 Can be chosen of toy capsules or tickets
7 P6,P12 Interface of the coin acceptor
8 J5,J4 Multiplayer online interface
8 P9 Online master card
9 P11 Sound card
10 LED-4 To show the total receiving coins
11 S1~S5 SET, SHIFT BUTTON(+,-), ENTER and EXIT button
12 SW1 Reset key
13 P1 Start button: DK single play

LK:online game

DLED/LLED: switch of lights

14 P3 To show the total scores of the team. For example, A team VS B team, A team can see its total scores by connect the P3 interface
15 J3 Signal of motor sensor:

BS magic eye

MS positioning of basket

Positioning of UP retaining plate

Positioning of DOWN retaining plate

How To Play:

  • The machine will automatic reset after power on the device.
  • Number constantly will be showed on the digital display.
  • Waiting the players insert coins to start the game.
  • The highest score wil be show on the left digital pipe.

Single mode:

  • Insert coins to start the game.
  • You have 5s to be ready to play the game. If you shoot the balls within this 5s will NOT count the scores.
  • Multiplayer mode: insert coin to wait another player to go into the game together within 10s. You will have 5s to be ready to play the game within this 10s.
  • The most can 32 pieces game machines can play together
  • Total have 9 levels, you can set the times and scores of each level.
  • Factory setting will be total 4 levels, 50s per level, the first level need 40 scores, the second level need 150 scores, the third level need 250 scores and the fourth level    need 400 scores.
  • After start the game, the left digital tube will show you the scores you need to pass, if you win the game the machine will have Voice announcement.
  • If the player win all the levels will be one more free game for you to play as prize.
  • When game over, the digital tube will show how many pieces tickets of the player have win.
  •  After 2s, it will disappear and show “INSERT COINS” again

Attentions & Failure Phenomenon


  • Please confirm the power supply stably in 12V. Mainly for coin acceptor, digital tube , ticket dispenser, sound card, toy capsule machine and stopwatch.
  • Before using the game machine, please make sure the power can accept DC 12V.



Phenomenon Reason
1 The motor doesn’t work

1.the motor burned out

3.the main board have problem


The motor run ceaselessly No signal of the motor sensor
3 Cannot count the scores

1.the magic eye doesn’t work

2.cannot using the machine outdoor with strong light.


The digital tube doesn’t work 1.the interface doesn’t work

2.the digital tube broken.

5 The ticket dispenser cannot work tickets

2.ticket dispenser is block