What is the arcade basketball games machine?

Basketball game machine means basketball shooting game machine or street basketball arcade game machine. It separates the shooting action in basketball and is designed as a shooting arcade game machine.When the player inserts the token and starts the game,it will be release around 5-6 balls to support to shooting. When the play times out, the player must stop shooting and the score will be appear at your front screen. In all kinds of the game center, basketball game zone is the most popular area.

Basketball arcade game machine is original from USA. Base on the independent main board and popular game performance, within a few years, it has been valued by game operators. Since the easy operation and healthy athletic game machine, it was became the key point of the electric game center.

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Foldable Basketball Arcade Game

How many different version for the arcade basketball games machine?

In terms of function, it can be roughly divided into “single model” and “multi-machine networked battle type”,

From the product structure, it can be divided into combination type, folding type, double combination type and so on.

According to the size of the chassis and the age of the applicable people, it can be divided into adult basketball arcade game machine and children basketball arcade game machine;

Due to the diverse needs of entertainment, in recent years, screen basketball arcade game machine that combines screen games to increase the difficulty and fun has been developed, and there is a distinction between a single basket and multiple baskets.

What is the arcade basketball games machine combined with?

Normally, one unit basketball arcade game machine is assembly by the control system, outside cabinet, basket and ball blocking device.

Cabinet frame: hardware frame; iron nets on both sides; shooting back plate; top plate; front chassis

Extreme Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Extreme Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Control system: host or main board, power supply box, coin acceptor, optical eye

Basket device: basketball hoop motorBall blocking device: middle ball blocking system; middle baffle net.

What is the game rule for basketball shooting game machine playing?

  • There are total 4 different level for the basketball shooting game machine. Every level time is 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s
  • The winning score for 4 different level is 40,150,250,400 for all basketball shooting game machine.
  • For the normal paly time for basketball shooting game, the score is 2 for every shooting. 15 seconds before game over, the score is 3 for every shooting.
  • When you score over the requirement, it will come to the next level. If you win the 4 levels, you will win one more games or the tokens.
  • The electronic basketball game machine included the signal version and linked to battle version
  • After you press the start button, there has 5 seconds for preparation. It isn’t has the score within this 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, game start, press the start button, still 10 seconds waiting for link to battle. Press the start button during this 10 second, it means you are come into the link mold.Otherwise, you will come to the next ground. It is the all electronic basketball game rule.

How do you win a basketball arcade?

-Before you play the electronic basketball game. Warm up first, move your arms and wrists, and stretch your body. The activity is about 1~2 minutes in order to get into the state faster. Prevent hand cramps.

-Shooting method for electronic basketball game: There are two kinds of one-handed shooting and two-handed shooting. One-handed shots: usually right-handed shots, palms supporting the ball, and left-handed protection. Throw the ball with both hands, catch the ball with both hands, and then throw the ball with both hands

The first level for electronic basketball game: The target score is 40. Insert the token and ready to start. Provide 5 balls and enter the next level when the score is reached. Generally, a goal is 2 points, and a goal is 3 points in the last 15 seconds. In the first pass, control the intensity and rhythm, repeat picking up and throwing the ball, and maintain the speed to ensure the shot. It is better to hit the center of the basket, it is not easy to wipe the board and the bag drop is delayed. Pay attention to proper retention of physical strength, which will affect the subsequent performance;

The second level for indoor basketball arcade: the target score is 150. After the start, the basket will move left and right. Compared with the first level, the difficulty is increased and the time is reduced. Generally one-handed pitching is more accurate, using the power of your wrist to push the ball out. Not only is it more stable, it can also make the arm easier, as long as you find the rhythm of continuous goals, you can speed up.

The third level for indoor basketball arcade: The target score is 250. Keep the skills and movements of the second level and keep the rhythm.

Fourth level for indoor basketball arcade: This level is the ultimate challenge and it is the last round. Most people are already exhausted at this level. If the scores of the first three levels reach 350 or more or 400 points or more, this level is relatively easy to pass.

How to assembly an arcade basketball games machine?

Open the package and unscrew the cabinet frame

Remove the wooden board placed in the rack, unfold the folding net rack, and fix it with the wooden board with long screws according to the corresponding holes on the top.

Fix the retaining net with long screws, remove the two steel pipes tied to it, place them on the lower end of the two nets, and fix them with short screws.

Fix the cabinet and shelf together with small screws, and then connect the apex of the line to the computer board according to the corresponding position.

The Basketball Arcade Machine installation is complete.

How much for one unit arcade basketball games machine?

    • Base on the material, techinque level and software different. There are different price for different arcade game machine. At present, the Chinese basketball game machine price are roughly as follows:
  • The normally basketball arcade games machine price rang from USD570 to USD590
  • The Luxury version basketball arcade games machine price range from USD760 to USD800
  • The Kids mini basketball arcade games machine price range from USD510 to USD580
  • The screen basketball arcade games machine price range from USD2000 to USD3800

At the same time,it is support to customize the client’s their own basketball arcade games machine. If it is only revised the outside sticker, it will be just a few cost or no more cost.If it is change the cabinet or software, it will need the MOQ. If the screen basketball need to change the screen content, it needs to re-calculate the price base on the difficult.

Where to purchase the street indoor basketball arcade machine?