How do you win a basketball arcade?

-Before you play the electronic basketball game. Warm up first, move your arms and wrists, and stretch your body. The activity is about 1~2 minutes in order to get into the state faster. Prevent hand cramps.

-Shooting method for electronic basketball game: There are two kinds of one-handed shooting and two-handed shooting. One-handed shots: usually right-handed shots, palms supporting the ball, and left-handed protection. Throw the ball with both hands, catch the ball with both hands, and then throw the ball with both hands

The first level for electronic basketball game: The target score is 40. Insert the token and ready to start. Provide 5 balls and enter the next level when the score is reached. Generally, a goal is 2 points, and a goal is 3 points in the last 15 seconds. In the first pass, control the intensity and rhythm, repeat picking up and throwing the ball, and maintain the speed to ensure the shot. It is better to hit the center of the basket, it is not easy to wipe the board and the bag drop is delayed. Pay attention to proper retention of physical strength, which will affect the subsequent performance;basketball

The second level for indoor basketball arcade: the target score is 150. After the start, the basket will move left and right. Compared with the first level, the difficulty is increased and the time is reduced. Generally one-handed pitching is more accurate, using the power of your wrist to push the ball out. Not only is it more stable, it can also make the arm easier, as long as you find the rhythm of continuous goals, you can speed up.

The third level for indoor basketball arcade: The target score is 250. Keep the skills and movements of the second level and keep the rhythm.

Fourth level for indoor basketball arcade: This level is the ultimate challenge and it is the last round. Most people are already exhausted at this level. If the scores of the first three levels reach 350 or more or 400 points or more, this level is relatively easy to pass.