Barrel Arcade Game Machine


Game: 60 games/412 games

Size: W87*D70*H105cmBarrel 19 Barrel

Screen: 17inch LG Screen

Material: Oak wood,7MM glass

Parts: Higest  joystick and buttons, best speaker,power supply,Matte stickers

1. Material: 18mm MDF, strong and durable. With 7mm thickness tempered glass LCD screen, has good impact resistance and is not easy to damage
2. Appearance sticker: outdoor matte sticker, sun-proof and moisture-proof, not easy to decolor.
3. Display: high-definition LCD 100-240V wide voltage, clear display, not affected by voltage fluctuations.
4. Electricity safety: filter insurance, has a good protection effect on equipment, easy replacement of power insurance, and safety protection measures for electricity use in production and assembly.
5. Sound: Waterproof speaker, good sound quality, not affected by humid weather; independent power amplifier adjustment equipment to ensure better sound quality.
6. Operation: Equipped with  dedicated joysticks and buttons, providing good operating experience and is durable.
7. Program:2 players, pandora 9D, 3188 game in 1 game board, basically covering all the games that players like.
8. Application:Free games (leisure entertainment, family gatherings, clubs);additional coin acceptors (used in gaming halls);coin acceptors, custom models can be equipped with coin acceptor (point-and-place use).Wide range of use.

Barrel game machine is the newest games. It is 100% log material. Suitable for Bar, cafe, Game Center and other entertainment activity. 60 games and 412 games for your choice