Taiko No Tatsujin Arcade Rhythm Games

Taiko No Tatsujin Arcade Machine Specification

  • Rated Power AC110V±10V(50/60Hz)、220V±10V(50/60Hz)
  • Maximum power consumption: 500W [110V]、492W [220V]
  • Maximum electricity consumption: 4.8A [110V]、2.4A [220V]
  • Capacity of coin box: around 3000 pcs
  • screen:  32 LCD screen/pc
  • Size:Packing size:(W) 1200× (D) 1260×  (H)2040[mm];Whloe  Size   (W) 1860× (D) 1260×  (H)2430[mm];Size of the front parts  (W) 1170× (D) 620×(H)1200[mm] ( Including drums ); Size of latter parts:(W) 1200× (D) 760× (H)1660[mm];Size of arylic brand parts:(W) 1200× (D) 475×  (H)380[mm]
  • Weight:Whloe weight : 225kg;Weight of the front parts :60kg ( Including drums );Weight of latter parts : 145kg;Weight of arylic brand parts: 20kg
  • Game setting for playing  2 coins for one playing ※ Can be adjusted ( Refer to “7-4-2 Game setting”)

Taiko No Tatsujin Arcade Machine Description

  • Introduction:  It is a game machine that 1 or 2 player beat a taiko-shaped input device with a taiko stick and to enjoy playing. (Play new tracks with more than 100 tracks)

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The following content is about the operation method of “Taiko Drum 9” and the taiko drum series from now on.

  • Insertcoins, and then hit the drum head. In doublesplay, insert double the number of coins, and then two players beat the drum heads separately.
  • Selectdifficultylevel:You can unhide the difficulty or mode.
  • Choose a song:Songs are arranged in categories.Knock the side of the drum to select the song, and hit the drum head to confirm.


  • The note moves from right to left. When the note enters the small circle on the left, hit the drum.
  • The accuracy of percussion notes will be indicated by “GOOD”, “OK”, and “BAD” on the small circle. The soul gauge and score will also be changed due to the accuracy of percussion:
  • When there is more “GOOD”, the soul gauge will move faster in the direction of “soul”, and the score will also increase.
  • When there is more “OK”, the speed at which the soul gauge moves in the direction of “soul” is half of the speed when it is more “GOOD”, and the score increase is also half of the “good” time.
  • On the contrary, when there is too much “BAD”, the soul gauge will move backward and the score will not change.
  • If there are differences in the chart of the song, as long as certain conditions are met, the chart will be changed.
  • At the end of the song, if all hits, 和田どん will call “フルコンボ!”.

Song score release

  • Post results, maximum number of combos, completion rate, good, okay, and bad.
  • If the completion rate is equal to 100%, there will be a golden crown.
  • Simple mode:In the first song, even if the soul gauge fails to meet the standard, you can still continue to play.
  • Other difficulty modes: In the first song, if the soul gauge does not meet the standard, the resurrection roulette will be used to decide whether can continue to play.Normal: Chance to continue is 50%;Difficult:Chance to continue is 25%;Devil Difficult: Chance to continue is 12.5%;(From Taiko Drum 11, the resurrection roulette has been changed to be resurrection combo.The way is to rely on the number of times the drum head is hit to determine whether to resurrect.)
  • In second song or later, when the soul gauge fails to meet the standard, the game will be forced to end.
  • If the soul gauge reaches the standard, but the song is not the last one, you can continue to play.

The end of the game

  • Publish the total scores, which are ranked according to the average of the scores, a total of 9 grades, the highest is the “Taiko big master”.
  • If the song score is higher than the computer record score, you can sign, and the signature can be entered in 4 characters, and the time limit is 99 seconds.
  • If the total score is higher than the top 20 in the computer record, you can sign.
  • After grading or signing, there will be a QR code and password screen, which are used to participate in the ranking of the Taiko Dojo in Japan. The time limit is 99 seconds. (Taiko 11 was abolished, but Taiko 12 added and restored. There is no such model in the Asian version.)
  • After the QR code and password screen, there will be “Taiko News” to introduce some related information. (Same as above)
  • Pay attention to game damage Drumsticks may pierce the skin and cause pain such as blisters. The repetitive action of swinging a drumstick may cause muscle soreness and even injury.
  • Do not approach the player casually Randomly approaching the player will not only interfere with the game, but may also be hit by drumsticks and be injured.
  • Be careful of noise and vibration Home version: Place a cloth or other material that absorbs the vibration of the Taiko drum to reduce the impact on the people downstairs.
  • Only hit the head and rim Hit the places other than the head of the Taiko drum may cause irreparable damage to the sensor.
  • Don’t beat the drum too hard The taiko sensor may malfunction due to the strong percussion, so don’t hit it too hard. You can consider preparing your own drum sticks to beat.On the whole, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings when playing.

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