Area: about 1 square meter

Dimensions:800x1269x2032 mm

Weight: 220kg


Reserve: 90 cups

Efficiency: about 30 seconds/cup

Working conditions: 10~43 degrees Celsius

Network: wired/wireless network card

Application range: amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

Automatic Ice Cream Machine

Small area with large capacity: Only need ​​1 square meter which easy to place, support to make 90 cups at once material time. And easily cope with peak demand

Fun interactive, smart display: children’s window design, small robot production is intuitive and interesting attract more kids.

Smart cooking, rich flavors: carefully selected high-quality milk sources, smooth and delicate taste, 2 kinds of fruit crush and 3 kinds of jam for the choice. A variety of flavor combinations

UV sterilization and intelligent cleaning: powerful sterilization, one-click automatic cleaning, saving time and labor operation. Ensuring food safety.