Best Cotton Candy Machine For Sale


  • Model: MG220 Cotton Candy Machine

  • Flower type: 5 flower types

  • Size: 580mm*455mm*770mm

  • Weight: 55KG

  • Voltage: AC22050HZ

  • Production time: 80~90S

best cotton candy machine


  • Product Name: MG220 Cotton Candy Machine

  • Suggested cotton candy price: 5-8 yuan

  • Mini desktop version

  • Lower operating costs and more abundant application fields

  • Five flower types and four flavors

  • Four advantages: fast production, fully enclosed, small size, automation

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Spare Parts

2022 Best cotton candy machine made in china|Most popular cotton candy machine for sale

  1. Touch screen)
  2. Manipulator
  3. Furnace head
  4. Water pan)
  5. bucket)
  6. Circulating fan
  7. Sugar box
  8. Sugar-feeding module

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