2022 Best commercial cotton candy machine made in china|cheap cotton candy machine|Most popular cotton candy machine for sale

Commercial cotton candy machine Features

  • Self-service operation, saving manpower

  • Advertising machine touch screen integration

  • Stable and easy to operate

commercial cotton candy machine
commercial cotton candy machine

Commercial cotton candy machine Parameter

  • Machine model: MG-280 cotton candy machine

  • Flower shape:10 kinds

  • Outer size of the machine: L810″W565*H1855mm

  • Packing size:L1000*w880*H1750mm

  • Maximum power:2500W

  • Voltage: AC220V 50HZ(Customizable 110V)

  • The weight of the machine: 150Kg

  • Environment: indoor,temperature 18’C-35C

  • Sugar consumed per product=40g

  • Time consumed per product50~60s

Operation steps of the machine

  • After the Commercial cotton candy machine is powered on, press and hold the power button (upper right corner of the machine) for 1 second, the machine will beep, the light of the electric cabinet a is on, and the machine is powered on. Then close all doors of the machine.

  • Start the commercial cotton candy machine, with the logo as the horizontal line – enter the account password to enter the control interface -> click the on/off icon > click “start”, the manipulator starts to reset, and the furnace head starts to heat up. When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating ends. Do not start sugar making until the specified conditions are reached, this step includes preheating and takes 3-6 minutes. (When the sugar making conditions are met, it is recommended to let the equipment run for 1-2 minutes for the first time making sugar to make the sugar more stable.)

How does a cotton candy machine work

  • The principle of making cotton candy is to use white sugar (about 150 degrees or more) and then melt the white sugar into bubbles through a high-speed rotating centrifuge. The liquid sugar was thrown through the micro-holes on the centrifuge. After cooling into filaments. The cotton candy shell is rotated, and these fine candy are wound into the center of the marshmallows, which are not fluffy that are rotated at a high speed in the outer shell. Once again, the marshmallows are wound into the center with the cotton candy as the center, and the cotton candy are wound into particles. It turns into cotton candy.

How much is a cotton candy machine

  • From USD700 to USD8500

  • vintage cotton candy machine:USD700-2500

  • Semi-automatic cotton candy machine:USD3500-5500

  • Automatic cotton candy machine:USD7000-9000

Where can i buy a cotton candy machine

  • Yuto Games is the professional manufacturer of cotton candy machine . The fully automatic cotton candy machine developed by our company is exquisite in appearance, powerful in function and stable in performance.With highly profitable.

  • This product is suitable for operation in shopping malls, amusement parks, cinemas and other venues. Customers can customize their own styles according to the demand. welcome the inquiry.

Which sugar can you put in a cotton candy machine?

  • The sugar must be sucrose, with a particle size of 2-3mm; paper stick: food-grade base paper, food-grade glue.

What is the best cotton candy machine to buy?

  • Fully Automatic sell and making. No need the staff to assist.Decrease the labor cost.

  • With the big size touch screen which support to the client to do the self purchase and support to the the advertise.

  • With GPS positioning function, multiple machines are placed for easy management; With Phone APP function.

  • Closed cotton candy produce space which ensure the clean and safe.

  • The four-axis manipulator is fully produced, and the high-speed operation is completed in 120 seconds.
  • New burner: with humidifier, moisture-proof, increase equipment life; with burner caramel cleaning mode, automatically remove carbon deposits.

  • Double door setup with the automatic candy out door.

  • Low material waste, 40G suger for 1 complete cotton candy .

  • Short making time.