Project Description

The King of Soccer ball drop arcade game for sale

ball drop arcade game for sale

Technical Specifications

  • Size:Φ1500*H2500mm

  • Net Weight:300KG

  • Power:350W

  • Player:4

  • Coin operation:Direct throw

  • Operation mode:Inner loop

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

How To Play

  • Each time you shoot a ball, you can get a turntable. After passing the number, you can get the lottery;

  • The ball is blocked by the goalkeeper, it will enter the push plate, and the lottery will also be obtained;

  • All the numbers is turn into red fonts, you can get the super prize.

Product description:

  • It can be played by both children and centenarians;

  • The design is beautiful and delicate. It can increases a lot of desire to play;

  • The operation is not only simple and exciting, but the lottery winning rate is very high; 4.Local online games are supported for four people.

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