Project Description

How To Play Ball Drop Game

Press the button to drop 50 balls into the moving buckets before time runs out.

Rapid fire is encouraged!

Win tickets for balls caught.

Catch all 50 balls in the allotted time to win the progressive Jackpot!

Ball Drop Game Parameter

Weight:Net Weight:600 LBS,Ship Weight:700 LBS;

Power Requirements:Input voltage range:100 to 120 VAC/220 to240 VAC,INPUT FREQUEN-CY RANGE:50 HZ/60 HZ;

Dimensions:WIDTH:38.5”,DEPTH:44”,HEIGHT:109”(adjusts to 107”,116”,123”);

Max operating current :1.4 AMPS @ 115 VAC,8 AMPS @ 230 VAC;

Operating Temperature : Fahrenheit:80-100, Celsius:26.7-37.8;

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Ball Drop Game Setup Guide

Remove back door of cabinet.

Place the marquee assembly on the top of the cabinet, lining up the tube so it drops into the white plastic ring. The marquee is heavy and awkward please seek assistance!

Make sure the cables are routed through the hole in the top, and secure marquee in place with four included 9/16” bolts and washers.

Insert the ball return tube into the cabinet and secure both inside and at the top of the marquee with included black wood screws.

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