Project Description

Rainbow Ticket Redemption Arcade Games For Sale

Machine Features

  • Provide up to 3 people to play together, multiplayer games are more fun.
  • Gorgeous lighting effects and streamlined appearance attract players’ attention.
  • The game content is simple and suitable for all ages.
  • A purely natural chance to win the prize.
  • Dynamic background music enriches the entire game feel.
  • From time to time, one more ball will be given to score the game, which will increase the fun.

Rainbow redemption game machine

Rainbow Roll-Machine Test Procedure

Display test:
  • Press and hold the test button, then turn on the power, wait for the seven-segment display to display 111, it means it has entered the test mode.
    Release the button, all 000 will be displayed to enter the medium-sized seven-segment display test.
Seven segment display test:
  • Press the try button, all the display will change to 111, and so on, change from 000 to 999, the last display after 999 is 123, and the small double 8 will display 12, and then press the “trial button” to return to ” 000″ is displayed.
Audio IC test:
  • Press the test button, all displays 222, then let go, test the sound effect U9-2M-ROM, the score box will display 101 at the beginning, play the first sound effect (coin), press the play button again, display 102, play the second song Sound effects, and so on, a total of 8 sound effects. After the sound effect is tested and then press the play button, it will display 201, which is a music playback test of U8. There is only one song. Press the try button again to return to the sound test of U9.
Input and output (I/O) test:
  • Press the test key, all displays 333, and perform I/O test. After releasing the test key, it will output the test items, and the three 3-character small display boards will display 3-1. The JP box displays 001, press the trial button to turn on/off this function, press the test button once to jump to the next output point and long press the test button to jump to the input test mode.
Output test items
  • (001) Turntable motor forward rotation (002) Turntable motor reverse rotation (003) Ball out motor (004) Electromagnet (005) Lottery supplement and return light 1 (006) Lottery supplement and return light 2 (007) Lottery supplement and return light 3(008) Bar light signal 1 (009) Bar light signal 2 (010) Bar light signal 3 (011) Bar light signal 4 (012) Coin slot 1 power supply (013) Coin slot 2 power supply (014) Coin slot 3 power supply(015) coin acceptor 1 jump meter (016) coin acceptor 2 jump meter (017) coin acceptor 3 jump meter (018) lottery machine 1 jump meter (019) lottery machine 2 jump meter (020) lottery machine 3 jump surface
The signal is based on the ULN2003 output
  • (021) Strip light mode-test 1 (0000) (turn on) (022) Strip light mode-test 2 (0001) (JP)(023) Bar light mode-test 3 (0010) (after the draw) (024) Bar light mode-test 4 (0011) (countdown 1)(025) Bar Light Mode-Test 5 (0111) (Countdown 2) (026) Bar Light Mode-Test 6 (0100) (Display 1)(027) Bar Light Mode-Test 7 (0101) (Exhibition 2) (028) Bar Light Mode-Test 8 (0110) (Exhibition 3)(029) Bar Light Mode-Test 9 (1000) (Show 4) (030) Bar Light Mode-Test 10 (1111) (Full Dark)