Project Description

NBA Game basketball arcade game machine For Sale

NBA Game Arcade Basketball Machine For Sale basketball arcade game machine

Product parameters

  • Product name: NBA basketball machine
  • outdoor photo stickers
  • Power: 200ow
  • Size: W1000*L2500*2850mm
  • Voltage/power: 220V /240W
  • Material: 30mm square tube + 1.5mm imported acrylic + UV printing 25mm+15mm solid wood board outdoor photo sticker
  • Function: Music custom time/score can be set for multi player online competition, colorful light.

Why chose us

Where to purchase the street indoor basketball arcade machine?

As the origin of the arcade games machine, China is the best choice for buying basketball arcade games machines. Here you can find the lowest price with best quality and get the most professional after-sales service. As a professional basketball arcade game machine manufacturer, Yuto games has hundreds of basketball arcade game machine for the choice.

And Yuto games also support to customize the programs  according to customer demand.

The machine cabinet frame: Produce with steel and moisture-proof density board. The bracket is made of square steel pipe and thickened mesh.

The chassis is manufacture by the thickened moisture-proof density board to keep the stable.

Machine shooting display screen: use PC endurance board

Basketball hoop: stainless steel

Coin acceptor (CPU microcomputer memorizes coins, effectively prevents counterfeit coins)The movement performance adopts high endurance motor to control the left and right movement of the basketball hoop, and the performance is stable.

Metal photoelectric scoring device to reduce random scoring and non-scoring phenomenon.

LED display panel, it can be seen clearly under sunlight.

How To Customize An Arcade Basketball Game Machine?

Preliminary communication: confirm the specific needs of customer. Such as whether the gameplay function can be achieved

basketball cabinet shape design

Appearance style


Cost confirmation

Confirm the related costs according to the customer’s requirement, including the design fee, the chassis quotation (the mold fee needs to be reported separately), the program modification fee (no modification and no need)

Design and development:start after receiving the design fee, and the design needs to meet the standard of customer’s requirement at the first period.

Sample:Do the sample after the customer confirms the design

What Is The Game Rule For Basketball Arcade Game Machine Playing?

There are total 4 different level for the basketball shooting game machine. Every level time is 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s

The winning score for 4 different level is 40,150,250,400 for all basketball shooting game machine.

For the normal paly time for basketball shooting game, the score is 2 for every shooting. 15 seconds before game over, the score is 3 for every

When you score over the requirement, it will come to the next level. If you win the 4 levels, you will win one more games or the tokens.

The electronic basketball game machine included the signal version and linked to battle version

After you press the start button, there has 5 seconds for preparation. It isn’t has the score within this 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, game start, press the start button, still 10 seconds waiting for link to battle. Press the start button during this 10 second, it means you are come into the link mold.Otherwise, you will come to the next ground. It is the all electronic basketball game rule

How to assembly an basketball arcade game machine?

Open the package and unscrew the cabinet frame

Remove the wooden board placed in the rack, unfold the folding net rack, and fix it with the wooden board with long screws according to the corresponding holes on the top.

Fix the retaining net with long screws, remove the two steel pipes tied to it, place them on the lower end of the two nets, and fix them with short screws.

Fix the cabinet and shelf together with small screws, and then connect the apex of the line to the computer board according to the corresponding position.

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