Starlet Shooter  LCD Screen Basketball Machine For Sale

Product Introduction

The basketball machine is an enduring classic game in the playground. Through innovation, we’ve added liquid crystal display to the traditional basketball machine, added video, added cool special effects to the pitch, added sound effects, and flexibly set up challenge levels. Our game is still shooting, but the content has been enriched and extended. Based on the above innovation, we have developed the Epic Shooter video basketball machine. After ” Epic Shooter ” was designed and launched into the market, we continue to design a children’s version of the characteristics of the age of the basketball machine as a child-like “Starlet Shooter ” . According to the height characteristics of children, the size of the machine is designed to make it feasible for children to shoot. We have designed for children the corresponding screen style and more interesting game content. Through the cartoon image, the Animation Guide arouses the child to shoot the enthusiasm. Through the picture and the sound, the sound effect magnifies when throws the ball to interact with the child the feeling. Our ” Starlet Shooter ” is more suitable for parent-child shooting, through parent-child cooperation shooting to enhance the relationship between parents and children, cultivate children’s interest in basketball.

How to play this machine:

  • after the coin by a single/online key to enter the photo.
  • after the photo please select you! To challenge the difficulty.
  • start the challenge, please try to shoot the highest score.
  • the results of the winners can enter the national rankings.

The appearance size and power consumption of the machine


  • Machine Size: W1699.5mm ×D950mm × H2304.7mm

Change the language method such as: from Chinese to English

  • Open the coin slot. Setting button is the red button on the top left of the sound control knob on the top of the coin slot.
  • Press the setting button to enter the parameter-setting screen, press the “easy” or “hard” button to move cursor, increase or decrease the number. Switch options: press the “single” or “online” button to determine.
  • Press the “easy” or “hard” button to enter the language settings options, and then press the “single” or “online” button to make the font color blue.
  • Press the “easy” or ” hard ” button to change the options and change the Chinese to English.
  • Press the”single” or “online”button to change the font color to red.
  • Press the “easy” or “hard” button to move the cursor to the “exit”, press the “single” or “online” button to exit the parameter setting screen.

How to set up a multiplayer online competition in our store (only two or more machines can compete with each other) method and steps

1.Find the white cable plug-in board behind the console of each Starlet Shooter. This is the network cable interface between the local computer and the external connection.As shown in the red circle below.


2.If there are only two machines in a site, the two machines can be connected to each other as long as one network cable, it does not need a switch. One Starlet Shooter is the server and the other is the client. Use one network cable to connect the two machines. One end of the network cable plug in the sever plug-in board, the other end of the network cable plug in the client plug-in board. The online schematic diagram of the two sets is as follows:


3.If there are more than 3 online machines, switches or routers are needed. If you only need to connect them in local store, you only need one switch. If you need to connect to the external Internet, you need a router. Several computers need several network cables. One end of the network cable is inserted into the network cable plug-in board of this machine, and one end is plugged into the network port of the switch, and the machines to be online competition are connected through the switch to form a local area network. Through the above methods of 1,2,3, the online setting is completed in hardware level. The online schematic diagram of more than 3 sets is as follows:


4.Set up the server. You can choose any Starlet Shooter as the server, but a network can only have one server. Method: enter the game setting interface and set the “machine network type” as the server, The default value “1” of “machine ID” is not required.

5. Exit the parameter-setting interface and return to the game screen, the machine will automatically restart to make the settings take effect. The items to be set by the server are shown in the red box below:


6.Set up the client: set all the machines except the server as the client Setting method: Go to the game setting screen set the network type of the machine as the client, set the ID number of the machine except 1 value, exit the parameter setting interface go back to the game screen the machine will automatically restart to make the settings take effect. Note: The machine ID of each