Project Description

 Happy Bowling Arcade Game Machine

Owner’s Manual HAPPY BOWLING


  • Specification Rated power supply:AC220V±10% 50Hz or AC 110V±10% 60Hz
  • Note: As the actual voltage, please refer the label of the machine
  • Power Consumption:Min power consumption: 200W
  •                                          Max power consumption: 250W
  • Level table air hockey Dimensions:1950(W) X 750(L) X 2450(H) (mm)
  • Weight:150kgs

Spare parts list

Playing instruction & Game description

  • Playing instruction:
  • Insert coin(s), game starts, The ball comes out from the outer hole.
  • Get the ball from the outer hole, try to though the ball into the target hole to win scores. The display board SCORES shows the player scores won, BALLSLEFT shows the balls left.
  • Game over,the more scores u get, the more tickets or gift u win.
  • Happy bowling Arcade  is our company new arrival bowling item , based on the world popular bowling game machines, designed topic of Dolphin theme ,as well as new construction and Charming LED light. Target balls construction material is Rotational moulding model ,which is stronger and better to prevent the problem for durable using for years.

Detail photos for Happy bowling

happy bowlling
happy bowlling

Maintenance & Troubleshooting:

         PROBLEM                    PROBABLE CAUSE      SOLUTION
The game can’t start
  • No power
  • Fault of power supply
  •  Fuse broken
  • Check the power
  • Check the power supply.
  • Change the fuse
 No sound
  • Fault of speaker
  • Speaker wire loose.
  • Fault of the music IC
  • The volume button turn off in the main board
  • Check the speaker
  • Check thespeaker wire
  • Change the music IC in the main board
  • Turn on the volume button in the main board to set the right volume
 Payout ticket(Non- stop)
  • Fault of ticket dispenser
  • Fault of Ticket PCB
  • Check the ticket dispenser
  • Check the PCB
 Can’t dispenser coin
  •    Coin dispenser loose or broken
  •   Check the coin dispenser or exchange a new one
Can’t dispenser ticket
  • Ticket stickor ticket dispenser broken
  • The ticket function turn off in the main board
  • Out of ticket
  • Clean the ticket jam or change a new one
  • Check the main board, the ticket function turn on.
  • Addtickets.
Score board not showing scores, or show wrong scores numbers
  • Score switch loose or broken
  • Score board wire loose or broken
  • The program of main board for the score mistake
  • Check the switch or exchange
  • Check the wire connect the score board
  • Check the main board or change a new one

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