Project Description

Buy Arcade Dance Machine|2022 Best Dancing Machine Made In China

Dance Machine Arcade Introduction:

  • Product Name: Become Famous E Dancing Game Machine
  • Product type: dancing machine
  • Product size: L2500*W2800*H2600M
  • Power rate: 220V/850W
  • Material: metal, wood
  • Player: 2
  • Application: arcade game center, children’s playground, shopping mall, amusement game center, family entertainment center, etc.

How to play:

  • There are different multiple game modes can be chosen, based on the needs of the players.
  • Classic mode: Drums dominate the chart, including DSS (dance super station) classic tracks and the new songs.
  • E dance mode: It is with new chart style and dance style, the music is more professional.
  • Party mode: It shows personality, emphasizes self-expression. It is more convenient for players to communicate with each other and learn the dance. After familiarizing with the basic operations, we can also provide advanced players with rich settings and a self-active mode platform. Players can show enthusiasm through our dance game machine.
Buy Arcade Dance Machine|2022 Best Dancing Machine Made In China

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