Dance Machine Arcade For Sale|Dance Battle Arcade Game Machine

dance battle arcade dance machine for sale

Product Features

Dance Battle,Original New generation of body sense dance machine

  • Original dance machine, cool modeling & emerging technology, leading thenew dance mode
  • All-around sound and light, plus live broadcast secondary screen, create topstage effect.
  • The infrared body sensing platform can sensitively recognize dance step soplayers can dance freely and could not be restricted by keys
  • Large light-emitting platform, dynamic full-color lighting effect, supportinghorizontal double dance
  • Special movement recognition module can support full body dance.
  • It’s fun and easy to learn, easy to get started.
  • Full coverage of Chinese and foreign trend songs, and continuous online update,strong vitality.
  • Support networking function, participate in national dance ranking.

How to play

Basic play instructions:

  • Select game mode: after coin casting, enter the game mode interface first. Support single or double game mode. Note: the double player mode is a horizontal double player game, which can be selected after inputting the set number of coins (3 coins for single player mode and 5 coins for double player mode by default. Other currencies can be adjusted in the settings.)
  • Scan QR code to log in: before the game starts, you can scan the QR code on theWe Chat screen to log in to the game. Players can participate in the national ranking, and their nicknames will be displayed on the vice-screen. Note: players can skip code scanning and enter the game directly.
  • Choose a song: the song has a variety of difficulties, and by language and other categories. Players swipe the touch screen to select songs, click the song cover to confirm the selected songs. Play 3 songs per game in single / double mode.
  • Parameter setting:
  • Difficulty adjustment: according to the complexity of the spectrum, the game is divided into three difficulties of junior and intermediate, and high level,
  • subdivided into 1-18 levels. Among them, level 1-7 corresponds to the primary difficulty, level 8-14 corresponds to the intermediate difficulty, and level 15 and above corresponds to the advanced difficulty.
  • Cursor speed: the speed at which the block reaches the decision line. Adjustable 1~9, the higher the value, the faster the speed.
  • Judgment adjustment: the judgment line moves back and forth slightly. Playerscan adjust it according to their own habits.
  • Mirror mode: off by default. When on is selected, the spectrum faces flip horizontally to the left and right.
  • Play the game: Foot movement: according to the music rhythm and the picture prompt, the feet or single foot steps the spot to dance. The platform is an infrared body sensing device, which can jump freely without distinguishing left and right feet in the trampling area.
  • Hand and body movements:according to the prompts on the screen, swing hands or jump or making a knee bending downward movement. The motion sensing function of the machine is sensitive, and the arm or body only needs to move to sense the score. Support free dance of players.
  • Game score and ranking: after the game is over, the results such as player song completion will be announced. Players who scan the code to log in can also view their scores and rankings through the mobile terminal.

Product information

  • Product Name: Dance Battle
  • Mode :Body sensing dance game machine
  • Product :No. SHDB
  • Size :L380 X W305 X H290 cm
  • Weight :600KG
  • Plug:□Chinese □American □International(Australia) □Britain□Germany □Italy □South Africa □Western Europe(Swit)

Structure Chart

Dance Battle

1.Top decoration and lighting  2. Vice-screen  3.Main LCD 4.Touch screen console  5.coin selector  6. infrared body sensing platform

Setting interface

Dance Battle

  • Single of COINS per game:Set how much money to put into a game in single playermode
  • Double of COINS per game:Set how much money to put into a game in double

player mode

  • The light test:Test whether the light receiving signal function of the machine isnormal.
  • Camera test:Test whether the camera functions normally.
  • Coin machine test:Test whether the function of coin feeder can be used normally.
  • Accounts:Display statistics of current account purpose data.
  • Factory reset:All accounts of the machine will be cleared and all game settings will berestored to the default values. Note: Please operate this item carefully to ensure that all useful data has been recorded before operation. After the factory settings are restored, it is necessary to reset the machine.
  • Exit:the setting interface.

Warranty Description

  • The guarantee of this machine is 12 months from the day we sold. If there is quality problem during these time, please provide purchase invoice or fix card to us, we can fix them for you free. But if the problem is caused by misuse, it is not in guarantee.

Maintain Range


Note Warranty
Main Engine

12 months

LCD screen

12 months
Power Box 6 months

Coin Selectors

6 months
  • Description of consumables:The consumables is outside the range of warranty, such as buttons,inching switches are consumables and the service life decreases with the increase of the number of users, that is, the more players and the high