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  • Product Name: Maimai Arcade Dancing Game Machine
  • Size: L780*W2260*H2130MM
  • Type: Music Game Machine
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power: 350W
  • Weight: 200KG
  • Applicable people: children, adults
  • Applicable venues: amusement game center, arcade game center, game hall, shopping mall
  • Main material: metal + blister
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Maimai Machine Game Settings:

Maimai Arcade raythm game can change the button appear speed, 2 speed is original setting, you can use the mirror function and turn on and off the prompt tone and key tone. The key tone means 4 specific beats which will be given when the sound feedback after the key is pressed. The beep is that as the song progresses, there will be a popping sound when the button appears to remind you what rhythm should be tapped.

How to play:

Game Difficulty: Each song has 5 kinds of difficulties, each difficulty corresponds to one color, from easy to high, blue-EASY-beginner→green-BASIC-intermediate→yellow-ADVANCE-advanced→red-EXTREME-expert→purple- MASTER-Master.When the red score of a song reaches S (97%), the purple score can be unlocked.

Gameplay Judgment: For the accuracy of the button, maimai has 4 kinds of judgments. It corresponds 4 kinds of colors (press the button, the position of the button will display the judgment color and the judgment name) from low to high, gray MISS error (missing) Green GOOD (big tempo error) Pink GREAT beautiful (small tempo error) Yellow PERFECT (no tempo error)

Achievement: Maimai has 4 types of NOTE (key mode), each type of key has a fixed score for each judgment, miss is 0 points, and other good great perfects are respectively, key TAP: 250, 400, 500, long press HOLD: 500, 800, 1000, SLIDE: 750, 1200, 1500 (The star is used to tap the star head and then slide along the track, so the star head is counted as TAP) Excellent BREAK: 1000 1500 2500 (Extremely shining single key, mainland The perfect judgement color of the machine is blue)

Maimai Machine can help all stars from entry to master.

  • First, briefly introduce the mechanism of star notes. Each star has a star head and a star tail (there may be two star tails in pink), and the star tail is a quarter tone slower than the star head.

  • Each star must first pat the star head, then wait for a quarter tone, and then start sliding the star tail. What is the quarter tone? The quarter tone is the “one beat” that is usually called when singing and tapping. You can see a bpm in the song selection interface, and its meaning is how many times a minute is equivalent. Fourths is how many beats in a minute.

  • For example, the song in the screen. It is a very fast song. It has a bpm of 240, which means that if every note is a quarter note, you have to play 240 beats per minute. And the other song Shenmuro Xueyuehua is super slow, only 86bpm, only 86 beats per minute.

  • At the beginning of each song, there will be 4 beeps of “Da Da Da D Da”, each of which is a quarter-tone. From the video, you can find that the beats of first song is much faster than the second song. In the video, you will also find that player need to start to move very soon when the first song starts, but have to wait a while after the second song starts.

  • There are several kinds of stars in Maimai: single star, single star with dispersive sound, one-stroke drawing stars, one-stroke drawing stars with dispersive sound, continuous stars, continuous stars with dispersive sound, misaligned stars, misaligned stars with dispersive sound, Double bet misaligned stars, double bet misaligned stars with scattered sound.

  • We can see from the simplest. The stars of the first generation of Maimai are more reasonable. Take a slide and slide a bit. For example, the first generation of 君の知らない物語, which contains the misplaced stars in addition to double betting. (it requires Green Plus).

  • Single Star: the whole process is to take a shot-pause for a shot-slide the star-take another shot-pause again-slide the star again. When the head of a star is taken, the the previous star has already been slid.

  • Single star with dispersive sound: the second half, the upgraded single star. A dispersive sound is inserted in the quarter of the star. In fact, this dispersive sound is equivalent to reminding you when should this star start to slide. The movement of the hand is exactly the same as a single star.

  • This setting doesn’t care about the scattered sound at all. I think the dispersive sound does not exist in my mind. Tap the button, raise your hand, stop the shot, and then slide down boldly. When your hand touches the button, follow the button. When sliding into the screen, it will naturally hit the dispersive sound. The point is to enjoy it. Imagine the feeling of slapping others into the air! Take a slap on the star head, raise your hand to prepare, wait for a slap and slap on the button, and then swipe across the screen, perfect!

  • one-stroke drawing stars: In the middle of the song, when tap the head of a star is, the tail of the previous star has not yet been slid. The method is to hit the head of the star with one hand and slide the tail of the star with the other. You need one hand to make all the stars to be slid. This kind of star has a characteristic that the position of the head of the next star when the previous star ends. so when hitting this kind of star, you don’t have to think about what is the shape of this star, how fast it slides, and where to go. You only need to hit the star with your right hand and slide the tail with your left hand. Focus on your right hand to see when the next star will come out. After you tap the star with your right hand, slide your left hand in the direction of your right hand.

  • It is similar to drawing a star with a single stroke. You don’t have to think about when will this star finish sliding, when hitting this kind of star. After tap off the head of the star, make a note of where you should move your hand, and then wait until the next star appears. Start sliding, and then finish sliding the previous star after tap off the star head. When hitting this kind of stars, I thought in my mind: My right hand is here, it needs to slide the stars from A to B. My left hand is here, it needs to tap the buttons from C to D, they start at the same time, and they end at the same time.

  • Misaligned star: In the second half, it is called a misplaced star because it replaces the scattered sound in the single star with scattered sound with the star head of another star. And every time you slap it up boldly. You slide the tail of the previous star and hit the head of the next star. It always staggers a beat. So it is called misaligned star. Here is the simplest kind of misaligned star, where each star is only one beat apart.

  • The difficulty of displacing the stars is that when you start to slide, there will be two star tails on the screen. There will be a sudden brain short circuit. So when you take the first star, you must remember it. What it looks like, where it comes from, and where it goes. Similar to a single star with dispersive sound. Don’t care about the second and third star heads! Treat it as it doesn’t exist in your mind! Take a shot of the star head. At this time, there is only one star on the screen. Remember how it shapes. Wait for a shot, slap it down, recognize the first star, and finish sliding it. Then there is only one star on the screen at this time, remember it, wait for a shot, slap it down to slide it, and so on.

  • Double-staking misaligned stars: it is the same as that of misaligned stars. It also slides on the tail of one star and knocks off the head of the next star. But because it is a double-stake, you not only need to slap the other star, but also need to tap the other one at the same time.

  • As shown in the figure, the first is a double bet of 1-5, and 1 is the star head. Then there is a 1-8 double bet, 8 is the star head. The difference between it and the misplaced star of Jun no Zhi ら ない Monogatari is that because each time it is double bet, the positions of the two star heads may be different.

  • This kind of Double bet misaligned stars is equivalent to a combination of a single star with a dispersive sound and a continuous star. Take the first set of dislocation stars here as an example. After tapping the No. 1 key, the left hand is on the No. 5 key. Next, what I think should be my left hand is ready to move from 5 to 8 shots double bet, and the right hand is going to slide 1-5 stars from the top of 1. Left hand from bottom left to top left, right hand from top right to bottom left, you can refer to the continuous star segment. It is almost a same pose.