Various Of Pump it Up Machine

PIU Game Motion Sensing Game Arcade Machine

1、Original Andamiro Pump it up dance machine refurbished version

2、All pump it up arcade cabinet  support the whole choice games

3、Stock on sale with competive price

Price:USD2100 -USD4100 , base on your selected about the cabinet and games.

Greeting! It is the season for Pump it Up arcade game machine. From 2009 NX Absolute to 2018 Prime 2. All games for your choice and as your option to select the cabinet. From USD2100 you can get your Pump it Up dance machine.

Pump it up arcade machine for NX cabinet with Absolute game is the classic version.

Till now still many fan for it and we always meet this inquiry. From 2010 Fiesta version, the screen size come to 55inch which bring the better view and dance experience. 2011 Fiesta Ex is the plus version of 2010 and add some new music.2013 Fiesta 2 is last Fiesta version.

From 2015 it comes to Pump it up Prime TX times. With more character and new music. Till now the cheap price newest version is the 2018 Prime 2. But is actual now, the newest is the Pump it up XX 20th anniversary Edition.

For the cabinet version, from Pump it Up Arcade NX, FX, TX and LX, every version has their own irreplaceability but also bring the more and more funny experience to the dance.

Pump it up dance machine is really a good and hottest game machine all over the world. You can dance by yourself to catch the higher and higher score. And you can also battle with your friend and won the winner prize.

All items are the original from Andamiro and we finish the good refurbished to ensure the good use. More information you need, please contact us.

List of Pump it Up games 

  1. Pump It Up 1st Dance Floor: 1999.9;
  2. Pump It Up 2nd Dance Floor: 1999.12;
  3.  Pump It Up 3rd Dance Floor – The O.B.G.: 2000.5;
  4. Pump It Up The O.B.G. – Season Evolution: 2000.9;
  5. Pump It Up The Collection: 2000.11;
  6. Pump It Up Perfect Collection: 2000.12;
  7. Pump It Up EXTRA: 2001.1;
  8. Pump It Up The Premiere – The International Dance Floor: 2001.6;
  9. Pump It Up The PREX: 2001.11;
  10. Pump It Up REBIRTH (The 8th Dance Floor): 2002.1;
  11. Pump It Up The Premiere 2 – The 2nd International Dance Floor: 2002.3;
  12. Pump It Up PREX 2: 2002.11;
  13. Pump It Up The Premiere 3 – The 3rd International Dance Floor: 2003.5;
  14. Pump It Up PREX 3 – The 4th International Dance Floor: 2003.10;
  15. Pump It Up Exceed – The 5th International Dance Floor: 2004.4;
  16. Pump It Up Exceed 2 – The 6th International Dance Floor: 2004.11;
  17. Pump It Up Zero – The 7th International Dance Floor: 2006.1;
  18. Pump It Up NX (New Xenesis) – The 8th International Dance Floor: 2006.12;
  19. Pump It Up NX2 (New Xenesis 2) – The 9th International Dance Floor: 2007.12;
  20. Pump It Up NXA (NX Absolute) – The 10th International Dance Floor: 2008.11;
  21. Pump It Up Fiesta – 10th Anniversary Version: 2010.3;
  22. Pump It Up Fiesta EX – The 12th International Dance Floor: 2011.3;
  23. Pump It Up Fiesta 2 – The 13th International Dance Floor: 2012.11;
  24. Pump It Up Prime – The 14th International Dance Floor: 2014.12;
  25. Pump It Up Prime 2 (2017) – The 15th International Dance Floor: 2016.11;
  26. Pump It Up Prime 2 (2018): 2018.1;
  27. Pump It Up XX – 20th Anniversary Edition: 2019.1.